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gj pain 01-14-2011 05:16 AM

HOD 1-14-11
Rockspring Park in Alton, IL

Rating: 3.82
18 Holes
Est. 2008
Designed Jeff Ligon, Bo Toebe, and Mike Bemis
Distance: 5941 ft. 7620 ft.
Par 57 (for both tees)
Discatcher Baskets
Concrete Tees

Hole #17 Blue Tee

Red: 314ft. - Blue: 400ft.
Par 3

This hole is pretty straight forward, literally. I played it in the winter time, so there wasn't alot of brush. Compared to some of the other holes on this course, I consider this hole a little bit of a confidence builder.

Hole #17 Red Tee

Hole #17 Basket to Tee

I've only played this course once and it was great. There's a great mix of holes and there are plenty of approach options. Not an easy course, as my score there definitely shows. Overall, I'd say well worth the drive for anyone in the area if you haven't tried it yet. Once I get better, I plan to revisit and try again. Until then, I'd rather stick to Sioux Passage or Jefferson Barracks.

wolito 01-14-2011 05:29 AM

Pro Leopard off the tee, RHBH and let it turn over a bit so that it fades off to the right, landing into the slope of the hill. Then just Voodoo it in from there.

Smigles 01-14-2011 07:17 AM

Some S shot, short probably my new wasp, long my avenger.

hendersondayton 01-14-2011 07:33 AM

Katana and Buzzz

richardmmill 01-14-2011 07:37 AM

short rhbh star sl
long rhbh pro katana

Rol6566 01-14-2011 07:39 AM


Monocacy 01-14-2011 08:40 AM

Red: RHFH a Champ Leopard (no wind) or Teebird (wind), fading back into the hill

Blue: RHFH a Star Valk (no wind) or Teebird (wind) off the tee, prolly approach with a Wizard

Looks like a fun hole red tee reminds me of a cross between Seneca #25A and Druid #12C (wood)

ZBoazMobster 01-14-2011 08:49 AM

Blue- Hyzerflip Vision
Red- Fuse

Technohic 01-14-2011 08:50 AM

Light GL River for both, little more hyzer on it for the long.

Kwick 01-14-2011 08:51 AM

Red: cryztal buzzz bird
long z stalker par

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