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GripEnemy 10-17-2017 09:55 PM

Skyline Plastic
What's the word on the lightweight Skyline plastic? Very tempted to get some lighter Cannons (already tracked down a stack of 167 Pinnacles in the past) for situational use, but I'm skeptical on pulling the trigger. My biggest issue is whether they'll fly true like the other dozen I own. Also, I'm super picky with color and weight and Legacy pro shop will not let me choose either.

Pictures are much appreciated!

august dupree 10-17-2017 10:36 PM

Skyline Cannons are great! I've got a 156. I've been impressed with the durability this far. Much better than the Bliz or Starlite and Prodigy Air stuff I've tried. I would put the durability on par with Lucid Air if you've ever owned any of that. The feel is like Starlite but without the annoying rim fray that develops. Stability is impressive. It's not a max weight Cannon by any means but it doesn't try to be. I cab get some turn out of it but the fade is real. Like a good Cannon should have. It's a true lightweight bomber and by no means is it a sissy disc. Also Mst had the skylines not sure if they still have them. (edit MSt has them and you can pick weight and color).

Here is my Skyline compared to a max weight Icon. It's a pretty beefy Icon. The PLH of the Skyline is just a smidge lower than the Icon.



tonyroberts 10-26-2017 09:22 AM

I recently picked up a Skyline Cannon as I'm a fan of Legacy discs but don't have the arm for a heavy Cannon. It flies pretty well and gives me about the same distance I get with a Blizzard Wraith or Air D1. It seems durable, but I've only thrown it in the field so far.

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