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zud00 06-09-2017 10:24 AM

Approaching Businesses for Prize donations
I've never had to round up donated prizes and money for tournaments. I need to gather about 18 or more CTP prizes and was wondering what the best way to go about doing this is.

Do I just go door to door and show them the tournament flyer and ask for some sort of donation or prize to be given away? I know disc golf related prizes are mostly sought after but most of these businesses know little about the sport.

Is it appropriate to ask them for money to be spent on disc golf merchandise or an online GC to give away or should I gladly accept the koozies and paper pads?

Aim For The Chains 06-09-2017 10:28 AM

Write up a short letter / info page vs tourny flyer describing DG and what their donations will be used for. Can offer some kind of brand placement in event in exchange for a donation. Could try to have CTP sponsors etc.

It wont be easy but going door to door is the best way. Some places have applications for donations as well which require time to process etc.

Good luck!

zud00 06-14-2017 11:31 AM

Thanks for the input. I already have 2 tournament title sponsors. I would more than likely have something printed up with all the ctp sponsor names on it.

What are some ideas I could present to them to donate if they wanted to do something other than a Gift Card or they are a company that provides a service rather than merchandise? Last year we did a tournament (I didn't round up donated prizes) and the phone company donated 4 40 oz yeti tumblers. I thought that was a pretty good idea. Hiking/camping gear? just outdoor stuff in general?

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