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Micah511 12-31-2019 02:26 PM

Start of 2020 ITB
What's up guys. I've never posted my bag here, but wanted to take this opportunity to get some feedback, as well as laugh at myself in a couple months for how silly my setup is. I am attempting to throw all Trilogy (I know, I know, just let me roll with it) so I'm still trying out a couple different molds to see what sticks.

Grip AX-15, carry around 24 discs.

3x Classic Blend Judge
Fuzion Judge

All putting and throwing duties.

Prime Warrant
2x Prime Truth
Lucid Verdict
Lucid-X Verdict
Classic Blend Verdict
Lucid Justice

I used to throw the M4, and the Warrant and Truths are the replacement for it currently. I'm hoping to roll with just the two Truths once one of them beats into understable. The Blend Verdict is basically used only on sidearm approaches that I want to sit and not skip, and goes in and out of the bag with a BT Hard Harp regularly.

Opto Fury
Gold Line Saint
Special Edition Explorer
Gold Line Explorer
Hybrid Getaway
Biofuzion Felon
Lucid Felon

The Fury is for rollers/get out of trouble. The Saint is well seasoned and is quite flippy. The SE Explorer is the straightest disc in my bag, and the GL is fairly new and stable for an Explorer. Getaway is a go-to and is nice and stable but gets fantastic distance. Felons are for sidearm exclusively, but I'm trying to get used to the grip on the Bio for more OS backhand shots. A newer Fuzion Getaway and GL Saint are getting worked in and out of the bag.

Distance Drivers:
Opto Sparkle Flow
2x Biofuzion Trespass
Biofuzion Enforcer
2x Fuzion Raider

I know I have some overlap between the Flow, Trespass, and Raider. I plan on working that out over the winter and narrowing that down to hopefully 1 mold, but maybe keep 2 of those to go along with the Enforcer.

Anyway. Let me know what you think!

SD86 01-01-2020 06:23 PM

Pretty solid. As you find out what works for you on the courses you play, you should be able to trim down to a core bag with fewer discs and less overlap.

Micah511 01-02-2020 12:21 PM

went out yesterday and realized the Raider isn't doing anything for my arm speed. gonna roll with opto sparkle flows, bio trespasses and bio enforcers for now. I also was throwing my fresh GL saint as far as anything else, so it might be time to put away the distance drivers for a few rounds. the warrant flew great and wasnt too flippy at all, and the two truths flew great too. The seasoned one is a 0 2 truth and the new one is a -1 1, and i know it sounds crazy, but i think the old mold one is still more stable.

Micah511 01-06-2020 10:18 AM

The Trespasses didn't fly as I hoped, and I realized that I just get a cleaner release and feel more comfortable with the Flow right now. I am missing a spot for a bomber headwind disc that I had a perfect destroyer for. I'm enjoying the bio Enforcer, but until it is beat up, I might try a recoil. I also added a TC Claymore to the bag this round and really enjoyed it both FH and BH. I think it might overlap a little with the prime truths though.

Sethamphetamine 01-07-2020 12:29 AM

Westside giant is worth a look. Not as beefy as an enforcer

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