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DiscJunkie 01-13-2020 07:55 PM

Cryztal Comets
These are the last of my new Cryztal Comets that I have to sell, and a couple used ones.
The two clear ones are CryZtal Comets from a CFR Event in 2013.
New and unthrown.
$20 each, includes shipping.

The third one is used, uninked and bought used.
2015 CFR stamp.
I only thew it for field work, and it's a bit more stable than the other two.
It is scuffed, but otherwise in great shape.
$15, includes shipping.

Not really looking for trades except maybe Champion Ontario Cobras.
No qty discounts, just doesn't make sense for S&H.
All three are embossed "Cryztal" but are grippy and could be called Cryztal FLX.
Click on the text for a bigger pic (and it is big!)

As always, PM if you have any questions or offers!

New, clear, copper stamp, 178g, $20

New, clear, red stamp, 177g, $20

Used, aqua, ghost stamp, 175g, $15

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