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1978 10-29-2020 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by Cgkdisc (Post 3643189)
Remember that many of those OBs were effectively 2 strokes which does not show up in UDisc stats, i.e., the "distance" part of Stroke and Distance. So, you have to delete more than 40 strokes to know what his score would have been without any OB.

They eliminated most of the stroke and distance penalties on the course for this event and replaced with traditional OB or hazard. His OB's likely were throws that just didn't land in bounds or never crossed in. There are a few islands like 5, 9, 13, 17 but on some of those you got last in bounds (before the island) to move up and make a new shot easier. The course was MUCH easier than years prior. They even eliminated the drop and real OB on 11 and 12 giving you all the distance you could muster. It was mostly hazard. So if you landed there you got ALL your distance and just added a stroke.

I think 10 was the only S&D hole (the eagle hole) except you moved up 150ft to a drop zone on drive, after that it was S&D. 17 of course is a S&D 3 times.

The event went from, land in bounds or you get stroke and distance to land where ever you want and you get charged 1 or 2 throws because you are in that spot of grass.

1978 10-29-2020 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by uncle pennybags (Post 3643266)
I haven't been paying real close attention, but are they not allowing pros to bring their own caddies is these more restricted times? That seems like a good way to have a spouse with the player and not have to be a "media" person.

Each location has specific rules. Winthrop had guidelines that USDGC followed. No spectators or caddies. Limited volunteers.

DGPT events followed local ordinances and had tiers that covered most situations. For example, most events had no caddies or spectators but we had both at the finals in Charlotte even though Charlotte is one of the more restricted counties. We were able to make it work inside the rules set by the park department. Winthrop is private and set their own rules.

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