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Midnightbiker 08-20-2009 05:13 PM

Bag to Bag sharing of ideas
I came up with an idea the other day,and I hope it works. I would like everyone to post the discs that they carry in their bag. Just post "drivers, mids, fairway drivers, and putters.

I am saying this because no two bags that are alike, so this way , if someone sees something in you bag, they can ask the question "Why do you throw that, or what does that disc do for you? I think this might help newbies and old hands alike learn about new discs, or discs you have thought about trying.

Vegan Ray 08-20-2009 05:16 PM

166g new floppy rubber Vibram VP (brown) - go to putter
150g newish DX Goblin (red) - uphill & tailwind putts
175g new X-Link firm Vibram Summit (red) - understable approach
171g beat 11x KC Pro Aviar (white) - straight approach
171g newish 12x KC Pro Aviar (black) - overstable approach, overhand putts
172g superbeat DX Gremlin (baby blue) - very understable midrange
169g seasoned DX Gremlin (orange) - slightly understable/straight midrange
166g seasoned STAR Gremlin (white) - straight/slightly overstable midrange
169g seasoned ProLine Gremlin (orange) - overstable midrange
171g Champ Whippet-x (clear) - massively overstable midrange, skippers, max D thumbers & tommies, underhands, cut rollers
149g superbeat DX Wraith (orange)- very understable fairway/max D driver
150g seasoned gummy ProLine Leopard (blue)- understable fairway driver
150g seasoned gummy Champion Teebird (green) - straight fairway driver
146g newish gummy Champion Banshee (clear) - overstable fairway driver, pinpoint thumbers & tommies
152g newish gummy Champion Monarch (green) - understable max D driver, rollers
150g seasoned R-Pro Boss (pink) - straight max D driver
148g seasoned gummy Champion Firebird (pink) - overstable max D driver, medium range thumbers & tommies, rollers

Midnightbiker 08-20-2009 05:20 PM

Here is my bag set up as of 8-20-09:


Champ Viking
DX Destroyer
Surge SS
Star Wraith
Champ Banshee
Star Roadrunner

Fairway Drivers

Pro Leopard
Star TL


Z- Buzz
Elite X Stratus


Soft Magnet
Super Soft Magnet
DGA Titanic

Trash discs

2 DX Wraiths

discgolferlee 08-20-2009 05:23 PM

R-Pro Boss 160g - new
LONG LONG drives!!!!!!! IT BOMBS!!

Star Boss 171g - used
forehand,skip,STABLE drives,utility disc

Star Destroyer 169g - worn
stable distance drives where going right is not an option.

Star Destroyer 175g - new
Brand new ECHO star destroyer. domey and tons of glide. used for long distance forehand shots. stable stable

Champion Monster 173g - worn
forehand, short to approach trick shots

Opto Riot 171g - new
Long straight little to no fade drives

Stalker 175g - new
new disc I'm trying out. flies really really straight with little to no fade. fairway driver. kinda like big brother to the buzzz
Star TL 172g - worn
fairway/straight control drives. this disc has great accuracy/predictability and finish.

Star Wraith 170g - worn
long s curves

Crystal buzzz-worn
great stable buzzz

Elite Z Buzzz 172g - worn
first run buzzz. used for EVERYTHING: straight, ace runs, distance, approaches. love this disc

Elite Z SS Buzzz 170g - new
testing this disc to possibly replace my champ panther but seems bit too stable still.

Drone 178g - new
limited edition elite z version.SUPER overstable great for WIND WIND and any short hard left where a driver will skip away.

Star Gator 171g - new
Super stable wind disc and strong hooking approach, still testing between this and my z drone

Champion Panther 171g - worn
turnover mid range for technical right turns and approaches

S Wizard 174g - used
Organic wizard. my go to putter. stable in all conditions and great stable putter off the tee too.

S Wizard 175g - new
approaches, drives, windy approaches

thepowerofpancakes 08-20-2009 05:26 PM

2 Star Maxx
2 Star Wraith
Star TeeRex
2 Champ Boss (1st run)
Z Surge (funkytown flyers)

Star Teebird
CE Eagle
Star Roadrunner (shorter hyzer flips and roller)
Champ Beast

2 Z buzz
ESP buzz
Z wasp

2 black KC pro Aviars

(man looking at this i realise i carry less discraft than i thought..hmmm)

CwAlbino 08-20-2009 05:26 PM

Fade Tournament "Psycho"


Discraft ESP FLX Avenger 174g
Discraft ESP FLX Avenger SS 174g
Discraft Elite Z Flash 172g
Discraft Elite Z Flash
Discraft Elite Z Flick 168g
Discraft ESP FLX Surge 172g
Discraft ESP FLX SurgeSS 175g
Discraft Elite X XS
Innova Champion Sidewinder 172g
Innova Champion Teebird 175g
Ching DX Power Legacy 170g
Discraft ESP FLX Buzzz 176g
Discraft CryZtal Buzzz 176g
Innova Pro Gremlin 171g
Latitude 64 Opto Line Core 173g


Gateway Supersoft Magic 173g
Gateway Supersoft Wizard 172g
Gateway Voodoo

colodiscgolfer 08-20-2009 05:27 PM

Disk speed glide turn fade
Boss 13 5 -1 3
Force 12 5 0 4
Destroyer 12 5 -1 4
Wraith 11 5 -1 3
Avenger 10 5 0 3
Surge 10 5 -1 3
Flash 10 5 -2 3
Stalker 10 5 -1 1
Beast 10 4 -2 2
Predator 9 4 0 4
Cyclone 7 4 -1 3

Z-1 5 5 2 3
Drone 5 3 0 4
Wasp 5 4 0 3
Buzz 5 4 -1 1
Comet 4 4 -2 1

Pig 3 1 0 3
Magnet(soft) 2 3 -1 2

Rbuzz9 08-20-2009 05:33 PM

These are discs i use on a regular basis - Discs in Italics are swapped out depending on course and because i like to carry a smaller bag


171 Z Flick
172 Star Xcal
171 FLX Surge
171 FLX Surge (New)
171 Pro Firebird
171 Pro Valkyrie

171 DX WhippetX
171 Star Tbird
171 Star TL
169 DX Tbird


175 Z Wasp
175 X Buzzz
175 Star Gator


2 Magnets

valkyrie 08-20-2009 05:50 PM


172 Champion Beast
171 Champion Groove
167 Champion Monarch

172 DX Eagle (If anyone has a champ or star 172 eagle, i will buy!)

175 Star Aviar

I have more discs, but thats what i bring with me. I dont have a bag yet, so i only carry what i throw, seeing as it would be too difficult to carry any more.

Midnightbiker 08-20-2009 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by thepowerofpancakes (Post 126451)
2 Star Maxx
2 Star Wraith
Star TeeRex
2 Champ Boss (1st run)
Z Surge (funkytown flyers)

Star Teebird
CE Eagle
Star Roadrunner (shorter hyzer flips and roller)
Champ Beast

2 Z buzz
ESP buzz
Z wasp

2 black KC pro Aviars

(man looking at this i realise i carry less discraft than i thought..hmmm)

Ok, First question:

Why do you carry two Wraiths and 3 Buzzes?

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