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bcr123psu 07-03-2010 08:31 AM

Hole 'O the day, y'all! 7.3.2010
Memorial Park - Alliance, OH

Hole #1 - 425' Par 4


No other information is available...no course map, photos, etc. If I had to guess, I'd say that the basket is tucked in the trees straight ahead.

For me (RHBH), I think I'd try to flip a Star Valk. Unless I screw the drive up big big, I should be able to approach with a Star Aviar (otherwise second throw would probably be a Z Buzzz or Star Gator depending on the lie) and polish it off with my new R-Pro Aviar (We're dating. I've kissed it.).

I do have to question the par 4 though...

racer93 07-03-2010 10:16 AM

E*boss straight up the gut...

kcplease 07-03-2010 10:37 AM

surge a little right, hyzer flipped, should come in about 50-75 feet short, Wizard from there. That should not be a par 4.

jkdisc 07-03-2010 10:39 AM

firebird then finish with the rhyno

ZBoazMobster 07-03-2010 10:53 AM


Roc1Time 07-03-2010 10:54 AM

GL Halo baby

tstack10 07-03-2010 10:59 AM

Agreed on par 3. Katana way out there fr longer look at birdie two. Mayb stalker if basket is in trees right.

JSurmann 07-03-2010 12:00 PM

Avenger ss and keep it low

bikinjack 07-03-2010 01:52 PM

I'd probably throw an Eagle.

In other news, that's a sweet looking spine on the left in the pic. It looks pretty big and burly. And steep, too.

cbeckett22 07-03-2010 02:10 PM

Hyzer flipping the pro starfire.. i should have about a 70ft putt jump from there depending on the placement of the basket.

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