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MrGlass01 07-26-2010 01:01 AM

rate my bag
Hey I'm new here and need some help to make sure that I am heading in the right direction. I have been throwing for three years and i have about 350 power fairly accurate. this is my current setup.

Elite z avenger
elite z surge
elite z surge ss
elite z stalker

esp meteor
z wasp
z buzz
flx buzz

pro pig d
ss wizard

its pretty windy here at my local courses. lots of tunnel shots. I have been using discraft primarily after i fell in love with the buzzz. I have several discs in the bin. I figure there is overlap. I am trying tons of stuff out but these seem to be with me the most. Please help a guy out. Thanks I am just starting to figure out how to throw better and i have disced down a lot I was naive and was carrying discs that were way too fast. all help would be appreciated. thanks

Mike C 07-26-2010 01:16 AM

Looks like a nice bag overall. Here's a few questions though...

In which situations would you throw the XL over the Stalker, and vice versa?

Same question for the fuse and meteor.

How different do your Surge and Avenger fly for you?

MrGlass01 07-26-2010 01:41 AM

xl on tighter holes. stalker when i have more room. the fuse is new to the bag so im just trying it out seems to want to come back left, where as my meteor stays right the whole way for annys.

surge ss is the straightest. surge is way more over stable than the avenger. so i use the surge on windy days and hard right drives, surge ss on straighter lines with later fade. the avenger is some where in between and don't know about it staying in my bag

BrotherDave 07-26-2010 10:24 PM

If you're using the Surge primarily for a headwind driver I'd drop it for a Predator instead, it's slower and more naturally overstable.

A max weight Soft or E Wizard might be overstable enough to replace the Pig, just a thought. It's nice to have multiples of your putter around to practice with.

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