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Technohic 08-05-2010 10:30 AM

HOD 8/5/10
Shore Winds
Waterport, NY
Hole 14

Red: 264

White: 315

Blue: 356

Pin looking back

Technohic 08-05-2010 10:37 AM

Red: RHBH Warriorr. I dont want to land over to the right there.

White: I still dont want to land on the right but being a little further back I feel I have more room so I would take a turned over Stingray out around left of the bush in the middle.

Blue: Probably going to go with the Stingray again.

ZBoazMobster 08-05-2010 10:40 AM

Red Comet
White AvSS
Blue Nuke

gkeberhart 08-05-2010 10:44 AM

probably go with my HPP Voodoo from the short tee and my DX Cro from the other two

Kwick 08-05-2010 11:04 AM


Red: Esp Wasp
Blue: Esp Wasp
White: Z Stalker

That tree is likely going to ruin several ace runs, but I don't mind getting knocked down at that tree, as it should result in short, under 20' foot birdie putts often

jkdisc 08-05-2010 11:06 AM

teebird rhbh

Pink Elephant 08-05-2010 11:16 AM



Technohic 08-05-2010 11:18 AM

Yeah. Here is another picture of the tree apparently ruining someone glow round ace


Guurn 08-05-2010 11:23 AM

Star TL on both shorts
Star Orc on the long

JSurmann 08-05-2010 11:39 AM

Avenger SS because its the only disc I have that I can throw accurately. Would still probably bogey it though.

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