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cfair 12-20-2010 02:44 PM

Technique Sticky (READ FIRST!!!)
Welcome to the DiscGolfCourseReview Technique section. Here you will find many knowledgeable people in disc golf and just as many interesting topics, discussions and theories. So if you you are looking to gain some distance, eliminate OAT, or better understand the science behind disc golf check out these sections and content below! Also be sure to check back as this will be added onto and expanded upon over time!

Note: all items marked with a * are articles and threads on DiscGolfReview.com with a lot of credit given to Blake Takkunen and many other contributing members. Too many to name in fact. Please know that before clicking these links that sometimes it can feel like information overload because of the high standards and knowledge of these boards members. Some who you may be familiar with come to DiscGolfCourseReview as well. Like Frank Delicious, which may or may not be a good thing... its a good thing Frank, we love you. These are meant to be a few of DiscGolfReview’s key threads but there are many more that would be useful to you that will not be included. I would encourage you to search through their other information yourself.

Basics of the Drive and Improvement
-*The Hammer Pound
-*Dan Beto’s Right Pec Drill
-Discraft’s More Distance Now
-Innova Grip Page
- Tips On Grips from:
Ken Climo, Dave Feldberg, Dave Dunipace and Barry Schultz
-*Beginner Tips from DGR
-*What’s really so bad about OAT?

Advanced Driving and Improvement
-*Bradley Walker’s Snap 2009
-Pivot/Plant Foot Discussion
-*Maxing Out At 300’?
-Discing Down Adventures
-The Process
-*Instructional Articles
-*Technique Repair Section
-Discraft Clinic: Distance Throwing With Dion Arlyn

-Mark Ellis’s Putting Confidence Program
-Nikko’s Putting (http://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums...ighlight=Nikko and http://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums...ighlight=Nikko
-Dave Feldberg and Cam Todd Clinic
-Ken Climo Putting Instruction
-Dave Dunipace’s Snake Strike Putt
-Dave Dunipace’s Putting Tip
-Gateway’s “How To Throw Your Putter” by Ken Franks

Other Stuff
-Nikko and Ulibarri
-Avery Jenkins Slow Mo
-Dave Feldberg Slow Mo
-Slow Mo Comparison
-Jussi Meresmaa Slow Mo
-Dan Beto Drive Analysis
-Right Pec Drill
-CwAlbino's Glossary of Shots

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