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sidewinding 04-09-2009 11:25 AM

Up Shot Evolution
My approach game has evolved since I started playing. I started with drivers and would aim to the right to compensate for the hit and roll of the driver. My first midrange was a cobra and it would fly straight as an arrow for me and was great for up shots but the better my form got the flippier the cobra got. Then I bought a First Run Skeeter. I could not turn it over and it had almost no fade at the end. It was my go to for all approach shots for about 6 months. I made many 150'ish field aces with it. I lost it in a deep river and when I tried to replace it I could not find another Skeeter that would not turnover on me. I evolved to a Roc. Once I broke it in it was just like a Skeeter except I could throw it as hard as possible and it would not turn over. One day I was at a course and the only disc in my car was my daughters Pro Rhyno and I wanted to play really bad so I played the entire course with the rhyno. My eyes were opened that day to the fact that a stable putter is what you should approach with because they are straighter than the straigtest midrange. Soon after that I got a Wizard in a tournament players pack and discovered what an amazing disc it is. I have now tried every big bead stable putter and like them all for up shots under 200'.

For up shots over 200' and windy day approaches the putters don't hold as well. I got a D Wasp in a players pack and have been real impressed with it. It is almost identical to a Roc but flies farther with less effort and cuts right through a headwind. I used this for all long approaches until I discovered the greatest disc in the world. My wife has a pro D Buzzz and it flies about like a Skeeter. Very straight as long as you don't overpower it. I never liked it because I always overpower it so I have had a thing against all Buzzz's and believed them to be very overhyped. One day I found a used Tiedyed Z Buzzz in a store for $6.00 and purchased it. It does not turnover and it does not fade. It is exactly what I have been looking for my entire life. Now I use it for all long approaches from about 150'-275' and use a JK pro aviar for everything closer. I will probably get a Z wasp for super windy conditions and hyzer shots.

Does anyone else have an up shot evolution story?

joegraham 04-09-2009 12:18 PM

You have described the evolution of all good players transitioning to straighter more controllable discs. The most important shots are upshots getting you to your comfortable putting range, or under the basket. You want to use the straightest disc you got, just like the 14 golf clubs you can carry. You would use a wedge rather than a 7 iron to get the distance you need. I throw mids and putters a lot. Rocs and big bead stiff Aviars for straight up shots or short tee shots. Gets me close!!! Not putting is the goal!!! I'm sure your drivers have evolved too as you can throw line drives with controllable spin to make them go straight. A lot of beginners use drivers for a lot of short shots and lose a lot of strokes on the long putts they miss coming back to the basket after an errant up shot. Keep 'em flying true!!!

ShortBusDiscGolf 04-09-2009 01:10 PM

try playing whole rounds with just mids and putters.

ShortBusDiscGolf 04-09-2009 01:12 PM

it's fun and you'll see where you can really improve your game.

kerplunk 04-09-2009 01:29 PM

I went through a similar evolution (although I am still evolving) and I now use a champ rhyno for shorter shots <150 (which I can actually backhand or flick- I think the stiff plastic helps) and a z-buzz for stuff that is a little longer. I can also backhand or flick the buzzz, the rim is a little more flick friendly than the roc. I just got a heavier, more flat topped buzzz (= more stable, right?) so I'm learning it also. I will also use my champ banshee when I need more of a curvy line or for a spike hyzer.

And just a word on the importance of upshots. I am not a great driver, but my upshots are really good, and because of this I just won the Int. Am. division in my first PDGA tourney, the Bull City Showdown (Shootout?). I didn't hit a ton of birdies, but I had no fives and not too many fours. I attribute much of my victory to the Rhyno and Buzzz.

buzzinb 04-09-2009 01:30 PM

"I will probably get a Z wasp for super windy conditions and hyzer shots."

I've had mine in the bag for about a month and it is a great compliment to the Buzz.

sidewinder22 04-09-2009 11:01 PM

Funny I have almost the same exact story as sidewinding but slightly different discs and plastics. Just the past few days have been using my Soft Banger GT for almost every shot under 200' FH and BH with very good results. I like the Pro Pig for 100' less fade shots, and FLX Drone for up to 200' fades. I also like my GT Buzz and FLX Buzz for some shots, but I can turn them over if I'm driving 'em 250'. I also like the Star BB Aviar Driver which is almost the same in flight as my Banger GT just different grip. I recently got an Elite X Comet, but I think its coming out of bag cause most of those shots are overlapped my Banger GT and Buzzes.

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