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E_Rock25 12-30-2011 05:54 PM

E_Rock’s New 2012 Bag (beware I wrote a book)
Years playing/experience: 1.5 serious years. I played for 3 years from 2001-2004 and then fell away from the sport.

Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: right-handed

Throwing Style: 90% RHFH, 10% RHBH I putt BH

Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver: Wizard: 230/270'; Buzzz: 290/310'; Gazelle: 325/340' Katana: 340/400’ I really only throw this for max D on open holes.

Injuries/handicaps: I have a really bad shoulder from an old snowboard injury that limits me to throwing only FH for anything over 75’. The follow through on a BH throw is what gives me problems.

What do you like/dislike about my current bag: I like that I know the molds I throw pretty well. I don’t know if I have overlap or not and I would like some insight. I also throw lots of OOP disc’s and don’t know if I should get away from this because it costs so much.

Specific areas of desired feedback: 1.) Do I have overlap? 2.) What can I drop? 3.) What disc’s might I try to get rid of the OOP stuff? I really like Pro plastic a lot and Innova doesn’t produce it in the molds I throw. I like the feel of older plastic much more than the new stuff. 5.) Some people think I have too many putters but I love throwing patters for all kinds of shots? 6.) Do I have to many different weights, will this hurt my game in the long run?

Distance Drivers:

168g Pro Katana 7/10: I have three of them but only carry one in the bag and only use it for max D on open holes. I have started to use it a bit more because my form has improved a lot since last spring.

Fairway Drivers:

175g CE Firebird 7/10: This thing is a beast most OS disc in the bag. I only use this for big head winds and big spike hyzers.
165g 12x Champ Firebird 9/10: This is kinda a control driver for me with fade when there is some wind. I can throw it hard and it will not flip. Fly’s straight on a flat release for 275’ then fades very predictable.
150g DX Firebird 6/10: This was the first disc I ever owned back in 2001 and it has been in my bag ever since. I don’t use it much anymore but I can do a ton with this disc. I can hyzer flip it or throw it on a hyzer. The only thing I really use it for is get out of trouble type shots now because I don’t want to lose it.

I just got two Pro Firebirds because I love the plastic so much. I have not thrown them yet but I am hoping they might replace the champ one. One is a newer run 170 and the other is a CE blend 175. I really love Firebirds if you can’t tell. I also have a max weight glow FB that is a backup for the CE one in my bag and for night rounds. None of these are in the bag yet…

170g 10x KC Pro Teebird 7/10: I use this kind of for the same thing as the Champ FB but I can hyzer flip it sometimes on full power throws. When I do I get some really good D but I do not have confidence in this disc.

I am trying to decide if I want more of them or if I should drop it??? I have also been playing with GL Rivers for this slot and I can Hyzer flip them much more consistently but they suck in the wind. Thoughts on this would be great???

168g Z Avanger SS 7/10: Super flippy turnover disc. Hyser Flips that go left and stay left. Rollers. I really like this disc and have no problems here.
170G Cryztal Z Avenger SS 10/10: I am beating this in for a backup and I use it for night rounds. More stable than the other one but I can flip it pretty easy.
172g 9x KC Pro Gazelle 7/10: Go to driver. I can do almost anything with this disc and I have a backup for it that I bring in the car but is not in my bag. I also have a 10x that is in much better shape that I may be putting in the bag because it is more stable. Thoughts???
175g DX Gazelles 5/10: Hyzer flips and turnovers that don’t need to go as far as my Avenger SS shots.

The Gazelle is my favorite driver. I just got and 11x, a Gummy champ and another 9x that I have not thrown yet. I don’t know if I will like the 11x or champ but these might be in the bag or one of them may be IDK.


175g Elite X Buzzz 8/10: Beat Hyzer Flips, Turnovers & Rollers
175g Elite Z Buzzz 8/10: Most overstable Buzzz will do most lines but I use it mostly for Hyzers
175g Cryztal Z Buzzz 9/10: Straight Buzzz

I don’t know what to put in for a really understable mid. My Elite X seems to do most of what I need but I have been thinking about adding something. Some disc’s I am thinking about are Comet, Meteor, Fuse, Lycan, Spider IDK. HELP!!!


2 175g SS Wizard 7/10: Main putting putter but I drive with them sometimes.
175g S Evo Wizard 9/10: Straight Driving putter
175g DX XD 8/10: Hyzer Flips & Anhyzers love these things.
175g 1 Pro D and 1 ESP Zone 9/10: Overstable putting and fills my overstable mid duties. The ESP is way more OS.

So that’s it LOL I have a problem with trying new things all the time. I really like the Lat64 stuff and have been playing with Spikes and Pures a lot in place of my Wizards and XD’s. I play a lot of putter only rounds and really think that it has helped my form a lot. I also really like Visions and I am going to try out the bolt. I know I need to stick to my bag and not mess with it and that is going to be my new year’s resolution.

I really want some advice from advance level FH players but will take all the help I can get. I am going to play some PDGA tournaments for the first time this year and want to do well. I have played some PDGA tournaments layouts and I think I am right around 900 rated but that is without the pressure of competition so IDK what rating I will be. I did get 6th in a non-sectioned event a month ago but I imploded at the end and shot +6 on the last 7 holes.

So that is my DG Bag life story, what do you think?

cfair 12-31-2011 01:25 AM

Katana isn't necessary, Teebird seeing how it sits between the avenger and gazelle. Gazelle is weird because of the buzzz. Wiz an Buzzz is cool. Could you drop the gaz or teebird? Avengers seem to be sitting pretty nice in there. Maybe just drop the Teebird?

For the mids maybe try a light mccabe buzzz ss. Or the meteor since the buzzz is a longer mid. I think the buzzz can cover all your shots though.

jdw80550 12-31-2011 01:41 AM

My guess if that if you put the 11x KC Pro Gazelle in the bag, it will replace the Teebird. More overstable than the DX or 9x for sure. Coming from a man who loves the fuse, get one!

BrotherDave 12-31-2011 01:55 AM

Yeah, I'd definitely drop the boutique Teebird. If you miss it, you can just as easily replace it with practically any stock Champ TB instead of sweating losing that 10x. I agree with Cfair, Meteor or Buzzz SS would probably take torque better, and thus FH predictably, than Fuse, Comet, et al. The Gazelles I don't think are that big of a deal, maybe try some Glow Champs to see if that would be a cheaper source of Gazelles.

My only concern is that your favorite driver, (the FB) is quite an OAT masker. Maybe try an Orc, OLF, PD, etc for something a little faster than the TB and would keep you a little more honest?

I'm not an advanced FH guy though, FYI.

E_Rock25 12-31-2011 03:54 PM

Thanks for the thoughts guys. I worked with both a comet and a meteor today and I don't know if I really like ether of them. I have thrown a Buzzz SS and I think a beat one would fit my needs. I am going to work the Meteor, Comet and Fuse a bit more to see how I feel.

The FB is not really my favorite dirver. Only use it in a head wind. I throw the Gazelle and Avenger SS's the most as far as any type of drivers go. I have thrown one a few times and kinda liked it. I really like throwing understable disc's FH. I will try out a Orc though.

sillybizz 12-31-2011 04:08 PM

Do you throw FH with the mids and putters? Curious.

E_Rock25 12-31-2011 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by sillybizz (Post 1161710)
Do you throw FH with the mids and putters? Curious.

Yes I FH everything other that Putts and some short upshots. I have a decent FH putt going form outside the circle and it has been getting better everyday.

I play putter rounds FH all the time. Just the Wizard, XD and Zone. Sometimes I just bring one of the three. I like these three putter because I throw three different lines with them.

BrotherDave 01-01-2012 03:45 AM

Ions are awesome FH.

Sid the Kid 01-01-2012 04:02 AM

Is that you or the champagne talking?

sillybizz 01-01-2012 04:10 AM


Originally Posted by E_Rock25 (Post 1161732)
Yes I FH everything other that Putts and some short upshots. I have a decent FH putt going form outside the circle and it has been getting better everyday.

I play putter rounds FH all the time. Just the Wizard, XD and Zone. Sometimes I just bring one of the three. I like these three putter because I throw three different lines with them.

You've got way better FH form than I do my man, that's pretty impressive. I used to have a good FH this last Summer after I had practiced it a lot and then one day it just disappeared it was crazy.. I was throwing FH 350-370 and then over a period of about a week I was back to 300 and it's never came back and I don't know why. I was even throwing lids FH with little wobble and now I wobble everything lol. Oh sorry for the thread jack.

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