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boostfreek 03-01-2012 11:02 AM

Kenwood In-dash DVD player w/ipod connect
Wouldnt it be nice to get an in-dash DVD player w/ipod connect without spending any cash?

Well now you can because I also accept your plastic :hfive:

Since this has been sitting around since I got my Infiniti I figured I may as well post it for sale/trade.

Some background:

I bought this brand new a while back and it has been in two of my cars. Both the cars were only weekend drivers so the headunit didnt get a lot of use. Wiring harnesses for the two cars should be included with sale/trade. All work done professionally at Best Buy so no hack jobs here.

Was previously installed in 03-05 Mitsubishi Evolution and 05 Dodge SRT4

The headunit is a single din with motorized flip out display. DVD player and ipod interface. Plug your ipod in and play directly from the interface. Also charges your ipod :D I had this routed through the glovebox.

Touchscreen unit, remote, ipod connector and all wiring is included. (I keep everything when stuff is installed/uninstalled)

The model is either the KVT-717 or 617 (i honestly dont remember so Ill have to double check)

Below is a stock pic of it I pulled online (I have actual pics but they are on my computer hardrive, of course the computer is not working, lol.) Anyway I would say the headunit is easy 8/10 condition. Has some light wear on touchscreen from touching but thats about it. No damage or anything out of the ordinary.


Im sure Im forgetting a lot of info so please ask me any questions.

Im looking for paypal and trade offers. Im pretty flexible. Ill take all paypal or all plastic it doesnt matter.

I am open to plastic offers. I would prefer OOP but its not necessary. Most likely I will wind up selling the plastic to free up cash at the course this season. If you want to throw me a crap ton of production plastic that works too.

I am open to ALL offers. The headunit just sits around all packaged up and Im sure someone else would have more fun with it.

Paypal asking price is $350 obo

Thanks for the interest

boostfreek 03-30-2012 05:16 PM


PhillyMatt 03-30-2012 05:26 PM

is this like the marketplace wher eyou have to put a price?

id like to see the cash price

boostfreek 03-30-2012 05:41 PM


Originally Posted by PhillyMatt (Post 1327094)
is this like the marketplace wher eyou have to put a price?

id like to see the cash price

Since it says "deal" i dont think i have to put a price. But lets just say $400obo as a starting point.

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