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volfan 07-17-2012 05:44 PM

First round of tourneys - mental game issues
A little background, was a "chucker" since way back in the mid 80s, quit in 92 played again some in the 98-02 range and then again in 04-05. Started back up in January this year to help rehab my achilles as it was ruptured Easter of 2011.

Decided I had a lot of flaws thanks to this site, the discraft videos and watching how erratic some of my throws were. I went back to the basics, throwing in a field, working on snap with the pec drill, eliminated my run-up and quit throwing discs I had neither the technique or the arm to throw. Scores started coming down and distance started improving. I now max out with a river/sidewinder/diamond at around the 380-400 mark. The guys I play with now tell me they have seen some good improvements which brings me to my issue.

I have been playing tournaments in this area since the ice bowls this year, including our monthly flights at our local club and 4 PDGAs this year. It seems as though I keep putting up HUGE numbers on my first round which means I am scrambling on the second round (and third or fourth). My first round scores on my last two PDGA tourneys were a ~770 and an ~830 round. Subsequent rounds at each tourney was for the ~770 a ~960 and after the ~830 I threw a ~920. I have had similar results in my local club's monthly tournaments. I am seeing some success here and there on casual rounds but can't wrap my head around why I am screwing up so bad on first rounds of tournaments. Any thoughts or tips? With this question, I do not think I am a 920-960 player but I am also not a 770-830 player. I am not expecting a miracle, just want to have better first rounds.

foo_g 07-17-2012 06:13 PM

Trying to do to much right out of the gates?
Stay within yourself and don't try to do too much or play overly aggressive.

Countchunkula 07-17-2012 06:21 PM

Play it safe for the first few holes until you are in a decent groove. Try to hit fairways instead of trying to park everything. I don't know what division you are playing, but par golf is good enough to cash in the lower ones.

JoshEpoo 07-17-2012 06:37 PM

If your scores fluctuate 10-20 strokes between rounds, your putting must be awfully inconsistent. There's hardly anyway it could be anything else. Posting a video of your throw for analysis would help for diagnosing mechanical issues.

volfan 07-17-2012 08:40 PM


Originally Posted by JoshEpoo (Post 1509227)
If your scores fluctuate 10-20 strokes between rounds, your putting must be awfully inconsistent. There's hardly anyway it could be anything else. Posting a video of your throw for analysis would help for diagnosing mechanical issues.

Putting is not the cause of this issue. I could improve in the 20-25ft range but my main problems are mostly errant drives and approach shots that are off. I have been working very hard on putting the last 4 months. I regularly take chances I would not normally take so maybe I am playing too aggressively. I may have the rare 2 or 3-putt but mostly in first rounds I am seeing a lot of 5s where I am really only using 1 putt.

as for the throw, I will take a video this weekend.

bholy08 07-17-2012 08:41 PM

maybe you need to take more time before the round to get warmed up?

bradharris 07-17-2012 10:36 PM

It's a lot easier to relax and play within yourself once you've played your way out of contention. It sounds like you're putting too much pressure on yourself early. Focus on getting a good warm up to boost confidence and put your mind at ease before the start.

Violets caddy 07-17-2012 10:47 PM

You mention three understable flippy drivers, are you using them a lot in tourneys?
It's always going to take a hole or two to get dialed in, if you're throwing stuff that is not forgiving its probably going to hurt a lot in an early round.
I try to start off a tourney with a couple safety drives so to speak, something that is going to go where I want it no matter what.
So a teebird might be shorter than your diamond its also far more likely to not get you in trouble. It should still leave you with par opportunities while giving you time to work out the morning round jitters.

Captain Bad 01-16-2013 10:04 AM

Resurrecting an old thread here lest I get prerubed.

I've been having the same problem as the OP; I often perform poorly my first round (I'm ~920 rated and shot a 785 first round at a recent tournament :thmbdown:), but turn it around and shoot closer to my rating the second (909 in the second round, meh).

I don't often feel nervous or jittery going into the tourney; at the tournament above I felt pretty good starting out. It's just that one mistake leads to another and it snowballs out of control.

Do you guys have any more advice on how to avoid these first round woes? Once you start shooting poorly, how do you stop the bleeding?

Jay Dub 01-16-2013 10:13 AM

When I have played my best in a tournament I noticed I was distracted from thinking about playing the tournament while driving to it.

Once I put in a CD and turned it up and it lasted until I got to the course. I was enjoying the music and not thinking about playing, looking back that helped me that day.

Another example is when I knew my then new girlfriend was going to show up and walk with me while I played the tournament. Thinking about her being there made me a bit nervous. What that did was take the edge off of being nervous about playing a tournament. I didn't think too much about my play that day because I was thinking about something else.

Neither example was planned, but looking back I do believe those distractions are what helped me play good those days. The day my new GF showed I won the tourney.

So what I would suggest is to try and distract yourself from over thinking about the tournament while traveling to it.

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