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Tinman4Dub 09-19-2012 06:09 PM

The Golden State Classic.....
I really wish they would bring back the Golden State Tournament. Although the course has changed significantly since the last time they've had it, it still makes for some long and difficult shots that I would love to see the long driving pros take a shot at. I believe we have one of the most prestigious courses out here in La Mirada and if any of you are ever out here I highly recommend that you give it a shot or two. The Golden State course consist of our FRONT 18 and our BACK 18 combined to make a long and difficult 18 Hole par 68 super course. I think they need to bring it back........What do you think????

keith johnson 09-19-2012 11:54 PM

Between the cost of park rental and not having the driving force of Tim around - it may be years (if ever) that it happens again - unless Innova with Dave or Suzette do something to honor Tim's running it, but with the US Masters (also held there originally) being named after him and travelling to different courses around the country each year - I wonder if anything NT or Major will happen there at LaMa again.

I miss Tim every day and every WED at doubles when I use the Hero bag and first run discs I got from Tim in players packs at GS and USMasters over the years - everyone asks about the bag and I get to tell the story of one of the nicest guys in Disc Golf to someone new.


lion 09-20-2012 12:10 AM

I believe there is a poll on Socals disc golf page on Facebook or the current socal disc golf page that asks what tourney you would want brought back that isnt in the current line up. The Golden state classic is on the poll. It was my vote. I really think it comes down to La Mirada's disc golf club to step up and run the tourney if its to ever come back. I'm sure Innova and the rest of the disc community near by could help if need be.

thugjitsu 09-20-2012 02:44 AM

It comes down to two things, the money and the volunteers. No one at the club will run it and me and my dad have gotten shunned by them for suggesting it. They don't think we could run it properly. Too many people want to play but nobody wants to volunteer.

Star Shark 09-20-2012 02:45 AM

In addition to the loss of Tim and the park system reaming us for 3 grand for a weekend rental, the pro shop and tennis courts got bought out from under Mike Williams so he's not there anymore either. It makes for a rough time running a tourney.

The rental fee is also why you don't see the sylmar tournaments having the upper course anymore.

thugjitsu 09-20-2012 03:01 PM

Excuse me but Mike being gone has nothing to do with it. I resent that statement.

Star Shark 09-20-2012 07:53 PM

Didn't mean to offend, but Mike was a big force in getting things going down there.

thugjitsu 09-20-2012 08:09 PM

Its alright i understand lol the Lee's dint know disc golf which is why me and my dad co-partnered to bring it back. Well the same time Mike lost the contract was about when the county really raised the price, the best way to do this would be a three day tourney with the finals being the gs layout. Therefore closure of the park is only needed for one day. If you do rounds on the regular course for the first two it wouldn't need closing down. But there is still the need of a good TD and plenty of volunteers.

ibrude 09-20-2012 10:55 PM

As President of the La Mirada Disc Golf Club, I have to clear some things up here...

First, if you want things to happen at La Mirada, please, 1) join the LMDGC, and 2) show up to our club meetings and volunteer. There are a handful of us who do 90% of the club work, on a completely volunteer basis, and we've been putting in dozens of hours a month for the last four years. We always need help, we welcome ideas, and love to hear about things you would like to do and see at La Mirada.

What does the LMDGC do? We work with the County of Los Angeles, INNOVA, and our club members to run the weekly and monthly tourneys. We run the FREE skills clinics one day a month for half the year. We have replaced 18 baskets with brand-new DISCATCHERS, including two that were stolen, and one that was demolished by a car. We have replaced 8 Tee Pads, with brand-new Tees. We do weekly course-maintenance, including scrubbing basket and tee sign graffitti. We arranged for 12 trash cans to be added to both courses. Last year when the Pro Shop wanted to make La Mirada pay-to-play, we negotiated with the County to keep that from happening. We've hosted the Turkey Shoot doubles tourney for years, and have more recently started putting on the Lady LaMa Tourney, which did not happen this year, because after six months of promising us they would help, the Pro Shop dropped the ball and just forgot to reserve the date with the County.

The fact is, no tourneys can happen at La Mirada without the support of the Pro Shop. The Pro Shop has 100% control over any and all tourneys that happen in the park, and anyone who wants to do a tourney at La Mirada has to work with and through the Pro Shop for it to happen. Los Angeles County has told us they will no longer work with us, they will only work with the Pro Shop. So any time anyone asks, what they need to do to get a tourney at La Mirada, the answer is, YOU NEED TO TALK TO THE PRO SHOP. Patrick (from the Pro Shop) used to come to the LMDGC meetings, but stopped coming... so if that is what you mean by the club "shunning" the Pro Shop staff... well, I don't know exactly what you mean by that, but whatever - you have your right to say whatever you want, because it's the Internet, right?

The Pro Shop has repeatedly offered to help us with club stuff... they offered to help us build the new tees, install the new baskets, run the weeklies or monthlies... but then when the time comes they just have not shown up. All they have done is sell discs. It is their job, their responsibility to run tourneys at La Mirada, and until they step up and start actually DOING something to help out the course, well, basically, the rest of us are screwed.

And Joseph, sorry, but losing Mike Williams in the Pro Shop IS one of the biggest setbacks the course has faced in the last decade. He has ALWAYS supported the club, the course, and the players. To say anything to the contrary is just plain ignorance. He still comes out and supports the weeklies, and the clinics... when have you EVER helped us run an event? And PLEASE come to the next meeting. We NEED you to know what is going on. And please stop bad mouthing the course, the club, and the players online! It's just plain irresponsible.


Indigo Brude
LMDGC President

thugjitsu 09-20-2012 11:55 PM

I'm not bad mouthing anyone and I'm shocked that you feel such a way. There is no statement in here of me bad mouthing the club, the course(which I play everyday and love, or any players). If anyone is being constantly disrespected it me and my father. i think you're reading into my statements as if there is a hidden message which there is not. And by shunned I mean when we suggested it,you guys scoffed as if we are incapable of running such a tournament. We would like to run one very much so but it seems like the door to get our feet wet is locked.
I'm sorry you feel such a way towards us as we have never done anything to warrant such feelings. And you talk about not showing up? I'm sorry that I have debts and a job that requires me to be there because my job is me. There is no replacements for what I do. If I had the availability I would gladly have gone but I've made it clear that I could not and I'm not going to ask you guys to reschedule such events on my behalf because that is, well, extremely selfish.

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