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wmforge 09-30-2012 10:49 PM

Going to be in Charlotte Oct. 5th
Me and a buddy of mine will be in Charlotte playing Friday and maybe early Saturday. I'm looking at courses near where I'm staying and was wondering if you had a choice of the six parks listed which ones would you play and why? Thanks, Dale

1. Nevin Park
2. Hornets Nest
3. Bradford Park
4. Sugaw Park
5. Bailey Road Park
6. Eastway Park

TADD 09-30-2012 11:33 PM

R.L. Smith... It is amazing!

wmforge 09-30-2012 11:40 PM

I'll look for it. Thanks.

King Griplock 09-30-2012 11:50 PM

If it was up to me, I would play Hornet's Nest, Bradford, and Eastway. Hornet's Nest, IMO, is one of the best public's in NC. It's both challenging and fun, plus you can play either the Nest or Web layout. Bradford has a good variety of open and wooded holes, plus a couple of holes play around a pond. Eastway just because it's a good change of pace from the other two. It's very open and there are many opportunities to show off the big arm.

As for the other three, Bailey Road is very short and easy. You could use it for a warm up. Nevin is very challenging. Definitely have to hit your lines here. Playing it feels more like a chore than anything. I've never played Sugaw but have heard it's good.

I also recommend considering RL Smith and Idlewild. RL Smith's a brutal workout but has some fun holes. Idlewild is just a beautiful, wooded course. It also has a couple of water carriers (try not to lose your disc on hole 9, if you play the longs)

I hope this helps. Either way, you can't go wrong spending your whole day in Charlotte slinging the plastic.:thmbup:

New013 10-01-2012 12:00 AM

In this order

Hornets, Bradford, Nevin, Eastway, Sugaw, Bailey.

why? just because that's how i feel right now.

tomorrow i might put Sugaw higher and Nevin at the bottom...

but Hornets/Bradford is the 1-2 punch.

bikinjack 10-01-2012 01:32 AM

Of those six Bradford or Nevin is probably my favorite. Bailey would be at the bottom of that list. Both Bradford and Nevin offer great challenges of your game. Sometimes maybe a little too challenging. My favorite course in Charlotte is probably Scrapyard aka Idlewild. It has just the right amount if challenge for me to make it really fun. Its also probably in the healthiest forest of any of the Charlotte courses, and I enjoy that aspect too.

sloppydisc 10-01-2012 10:03 AM

RL Smith
Hornets Nest

Maybe not in that exact order, but those are the 6 I'd hit.

bhadella 10-01-2012 10:21 AM

My sequence of Charlotte area courses to hit:

1. Nevin
2. RL Smith
3. Hornets Nest
4. Renny
5. Angry Beaver
6. Kilborne
7. Bradford
8. Eastway
9. Scrapyard
10. Reedy Creek
11. Rankin
12. Winget

BrotherDave 10-01-2012 10:24 AM

1. Hornets Nest (timeless, fun and balanced)
2. Nevin Park (Super challenging but enjoyable.)
3. Bradford Park (extremely solid, good balance of fun and challenge)
4. Eastway Park (front 9 features some great holes, some open "meh" holes but still a nice course.)
5. Sugaw Park (never played it but it's in a bad neighborhood and is an older course. Looks fun though.)
6. Bailey Road Park (short, deuce or die course. Fun, low challenge casual course.)

I would definitely float RL Smith and Idlewild near the top 3 of that list, they're both great.

1978 10-01-2012 11:51 AM

Bailey #1, play it every morning before you leave to play the others... it will only take you 45 minutes! Its the only place I practice for tournaments (except worlds this year). If you hear saws at Nevin come say hi, we are making it harder...its too easy.

If Nevin is like raking the yard, Bailey is jumping in the leaves when you are done!

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