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scunham 10-09-2012 06:57 PM

Proposed Course in South Jersey Facing Opposition - Help Needed DGCR
So for those excited to see another course here in South Jersey there has been some recent opposition.


They have also contacted several local papers


They have allowed comments on Facebook but seem to be deleting most of them in favor of the course.

The course was originally approved and is now facing severe opposition.


Anyone who has positive things to say about Disc Golf and how it benefits the land please post them on their facebook page. We need all the help we can get right now, so please don't bash them too much but simply state the positives of Disc Golf and what not...


Support this facebook page for the disc golf course!


discgolfcrazy 10-09-2012 06:59 PM

will do, represent :hfive: also the park page makes out disc golf to be a bad thing, they act like jerks :frown:

Disc Fiend 10-09-2012 07:00 PM

Please help!!!! Their propaganda is ridiculous and it needs to be stopped!! we need to let them know how disc golf benefits the land and community, not destroys it!!

Disc Fiend 10-09-2012 07:01 PM


Originally Posted by discgolfcrazy (Post 1640677)
will do, represent :hfive:

Thank you!! Much appreciation.

jtreadwell 10-09-2012 07:18 PM

Man those are some ignorant people! I posted but it'll likely be deleted:thmbdown:

blur 10-09-2012 07:21 PM

just posted :

"A park should be accessible to everyone! How would you feel if the park were closed to EVERYONE? If you truly care about this parks environment then you would not enter the park ever (especially with dogs) and petition to close the park for good and allow nature to take over. Consider other people as well as the environment."

chris deitzel 10-09-2012 07:25 PM

You should always have a ecological study of the area to be used done before building a course. Rare species should be left alone.

I know this seems like it sucks, but perhaps there is a better way to work with everyone....

This is a common problem with disc golf courses. Areas need to be scoped out by environmentalists first and areas of concern should not be used in the design...

Disc golf is a lot tougher on the land than we would like to admit.

scunham 10-09-2012 07:33 PM

I agree with you Chris but I'm not sure as to what steps were taken when the area was first surveyed for use.

Regardless they were given approval for the course

The only rare species that they are worried about is the Jersey Devil!!!

Disc Fiend 10-09-2012 07:37 PM

Some posts from the course thread:

Originally Posted by bobdos (Post 1632059)
Updates from the happenings this weekend and the meeting today. Saturday we had a run in with a couple who were 100% against the building of the course in the park. After an attempt a some civil conversation I was informed that I was destroying their park and they would do what ever nessesary to stop us. Had another run in with them and they took a few 100 pics of us "so they could fill their FB page". I'll post a link but all the responses from people supporting the course were deleted.


So much for an open and honest discussion with the opposition. After they left we had between 8 to 10 volunteers came out and got the fairways for holes 11 12 13 and 14 done! Great turn out and awesome effort by everybody! Today we met at the park to try to work things out but the couple opposed to the course refused to speek with us. They called a reporter from the paper to show township residents pictures of "the destruction of the park". We did meet with township officials who have and still support the project. I'll post after the freeholders meet to see if the work day is still on for this Saturday. Thanks to everyone who's come out and helped put in the course!


Originally Posted by Coasterbrad (Post 1632739)
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped with this course so far both in person and online. The coordinated effort to post the truth on their FB page yesterday was quite enjoyable to watch. These people opposing the course, who I had the displeasure of interacting with briefly in person, are seriously crazy. They have been deleting all comments that go against their agenda so that their lies are the only thing people see on the page. Keep posting positive dg comments if you can today.

As far as the course goes, I had the chance to walk 1-13 yesterday. Lots of work has been done and it is coming along very nicely. Going to be a long course with some really nice holes.


Originally Posted by bobdos (Post 1635085)
Here's the story that the paper wrote about the situation. His first lie is that he saw "workers bearing chain saws" we are not permitted to use a chainsaw. We are using simple hand tools. If we used a chainsaw and used it to cut down the size stuff that we are we would already be done the course. When he confronted me I was using a grass whip (it's like a pre-historic weedwacker)to cut the grass and stuff down on the fairway. The second one is that we are cutting 5 to 7 foot trees. I don't think this is a typo he has said things like this to scare the locals from the beginning.


chris deitzel 10-09-2012 07:39 PM

I'm in a similar situation where I am building a course. All I can say if if you are building a disc golf course, make sure that the local council has recorded it in their minutes that they have approved the course and the area to be used.

A verbal approval is not good enough. The course must be presented to the local council and have it officially motioned.. If not, you can be in the situation that I am in. And kinda sounds like you are in here..

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