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BogeyNoMore 04-26-2013 08:12 AM

HOD 4/26/13: Jericho Lake in Aurora, IL
Jericho Lake in Aurora, IL
Course Rating: 3.33 (28 Reviews)

Hole 15: 212 ft/254 ft:Hole Info shows this hole as flat, no tips.
Course Maps show a gentle turn to the right.
You can see the basket among the trees in the pic taken from the short tee.



Course Map:

Different Course Map:

So, what are you waiting for? Shut-up and throw...

BogeyNoMore 04-26-2013 08:18 AM

Long: RHBH, beat DX Leopard
Short: RHFH, underpowered Z-Pred
See if I can nestle up all cozy with the basket.

bhadella 04-26-2013 08:22 AM

LHBH ESP Zone from the short. LHBH FLX Drone from the long.

discgolfertub 04-26-2013 08:24 AM

Long - Roller with an XS.
Short - Flick with a TeeBird

Wizard for the bird. :thmbup:

TheWCG 04-26-2013 08:25 AM

FH Pred.

smarkquart 04-26-2013 08:39 AM

Tangent or Ion for the win.

rd.bittle 04-26-2013 08:39 AM

RHFH Champ Firebird for both.

TheChimchim 04-26-2013 08:40 AM

Comet from both.

Halcón 04-26-2013 08:40 AM

FH Volt for both, Ions as needed.

ian. 04-26-2013 08:53 AM

seems like we had this one recently.. for some reason.. Would like to go RHBH Comet but looks a lil safer to keep it low with the FH.. so RHFH Champ Firebird

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