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Disc Fiend 04-27-2013 11:41 AM

HOD 4/27/13: Laurens County Park-Laurens, SC
Laurens County Park
Rating: 2.70
Hole #5
328 ft.-Par 3

Hole #5 Tee:

Course Map
No other pictures or information provided.

Disc Fiend 04-27-2013 11:43 AM

A local needs to take more pictures of this course!

Roc off the tee, Wiz to finish up.

digital 04-27-2013 11:59 AM

looks like it moves uphill and right. perhaps a leopard.

Bobs DG 12 04-27-2013 12:02 PM

Firm Ibex then the Wizard

Buchajs1 04-27-2013 12:37 PM

Either diamond turnover or flick with teedevil and an aviar tofinish up

mreynolds24 04-27-2013 12:48 PM

FH Max / OH Firebird / BH Amp

all 3 look like they should work

doctor professor 04-27-2013 01:42 PM

Hit it with a volt

Pioneer10 04-27-2013 01:42 PM

The one time I have managed to birdie this hole I threw a turnover Polaris LS and was fortunate enough to make about a 20 foot putt with my omega SS. The hole is uphill all the way and is pretty challenging to make a 2 on, especially when the grass isn't cut.

rd.bittle 04-27-2013 01:45 PM

RHFH Star Wraith. R-Pro Aviar to finish.

Scared_Discless 04-27-2013 02:11 PM


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