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the1discChallenge 06-12-2013 04:26 PM

What to dye on this disc...
Hey guys. I just recently picked up an 11x Teebird from a friend and it's not a great color....it was clear and it has a blue, green, purple, and yellow spin dye on it. It looks great in the sun, but I've almost lost that thing about a billion times when I'm out in the woods. Does anybody have a suggestion on what to put on this disc to make it brighter? or at least less crappy of a color? or something to make it stand out at all with the leaves??? Thanks. I have the basic vinyl cut 'n dye technique to utilize with a few different colors of dye.

DikkaD 06-12-2013 06:09 PM

I had a clear 11x that was kinda yellowed. It didnt take yellow/pink very well and red looked really dark. There is not really a color IMO to make this brighter as the plastic is older.

I had a tye dye disc that was hard as hell to see. I slapped a black stencil on the middle and its better but still not great.

If it where me I would dye it all yellow or red taking into consideration that it might be duller than you like. If you go with red or similar I would suggest to mask off the blue/green/purple as these will just get darker.

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