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Disc Fiend 07-07-2013 12:59 PM

HOD 7/7/13: Clearwater/Pleasant Lake-Annandale, MN
Clearwater/Pleasant Lake
Rating: 3.14
Hole #3
Red Tee: 240 ft.-Par 4
Blue Tee: 300 ft.-Par 4

Both par 4s?? :confused:

Hole #3 Tee:

Hole #3 Basket:

Course Map

Disc Fiend 07-07-2013 01:00 PM

River. If there is a headwind, PD. Wizard to clean up.

mreynolds24 07-07-2013 01:14 PM

Fuse on a hyzer flip straight at it

smarkquart 07-07-2013 01:23 PM

Wow, I am so surprised I have not played this course. I have played everything around it. I guess I will have to make a quick run up the road and add this to my played list.

Anyway, it looks like Ion from the short and a Champ Leopard from the long. If the wind is kicking up, maybe a Roc3 or Nebula from the long.

Halcón 07-07-2013 01:38 PM

Tangent from the short
Flipped Leo from the long.

b-mart 07-07-2013 01:51 PM

Those pads are 60' apart? Hmmm. Doesn't matter. Just a standard DX Gazelle shot on either. Reminds me of courses in Indiana, where I complain about their stupid course pars during the entire round... And walk away with a negative score after an average round :D.

Kenny53691 07-07-2013 02:01 PM

Red: M3
Blue: amp

bhadella 07-07-2013 02:14 PM

Red: LHBH KC Roc
Blue:LHBH Star Leopard

discflinger 07-07-2013 02:15 PM

S: EZE Pure
L: Pro Classic Roc

mndiscg 07-07-2013 04:33 PM

Used to date a girl from Annandale and played that course a few times. The basket is somewhat protected but if you hit the protection you're doing good enough to still have a good shot at a 2. I would throw something like a Fuse or Buzzz SS right at it for both positions.

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