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BogeyNoMore 07-13-2013 10:22 AM

HOD 7/13/13: Freeman Lake Park in Elizabethtown, KY
Freeman Lake Park in Elizabethtown, KY
Course Rating: 4.09, 33 reviews
Hole 8, 288 ft.


Tee: One position straight off of box, alt. position on right side requiring left to right shot through the gap or flex shot over and around the trees.

Basket to Tee: Tee is through the gap and back to the left.

Course Map:

Bang chains! :hfive:

Scared_Discless 07-13-2013 10:29 AM

B: Wasp

BogeyNoMore 07-13-2013 10:29 AM

B: Champ Beast or an Opto Bolt
A: JLS or Leo
... probably right into the tree to the right dead ahead. With a bit of luck, my recovery shot (lots of practice - I'm getting better at those :)) sets me up to save par.

Now... if the cable guy would just show up and get his **** done, I could get out and play!

Qikly 07-13-2013 10:33 AM

VIP Underworld.

mashnut 07-13-2013 10:33 AM

Wizard for either.

DiscNutt123 07-13-2013 10:39 AM

Fugitive for both probably. Its becoming my go to mid.

discflinger 07-13-2013 11:09 AM

Purely Opto

Disc Fiend 07-13-2013 11:49 AM


SteezeOG 07-13-2013 11:50 AM

Lucid truth for both. Put something in or close with the judge on the second.

kw83028 07-13-2013 12:05 PM

A: RHFH 11X Eagle-X
B: RHBH Icon Patriot

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