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scarpfish 07-20-2013 03:26 PM

Who says lost discs never find their way home?
Had an interesting experience during my vacation a couple of weeks ago, the story of which came to a happy conclusion just a hour or so ago with a trip down to the post office.

Two weeks ago today, around 7:30 PM, I was at Clover Dell Park in Sedalia, MO, on the last hole of a long 72 hole filled day. The back nine at this particular course was shall we say minimally maintenanced, and last hole was a long 635' shot that after you got past some early pine trees was open to the pin. I break out my orange P-PD, throw a rudimentary lefty hyzer over the pines, and step out to the side to see around the trees to view where it landed, and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw it hit the ground.

Problem here is the ground here isn't exactly nice even, park quality yet. Still a lot of rutted spots and depressions, with clumped grass, any spot of which your disc could hide in and you'd not see it unless you walked right over it. I searched for about five minutes and with sunset looming, and me still needing to do an hour's drive that evening, I started to get panicky. Then my cell phone rang.

The phone said that the call was from area code 319, and not knowing where that was, I assumed it was a wrong number, but went ahead and answered it. Turns out the call was from a guy from Iowa, who was playing at Lake Hastings in Hastings, NE, and had thrown his disc into a water hazard there. In the process of searching for it, he had found other discs including mine, which I had thrown in that lake last October. A disc that thought that I had thrown it in so deep, that nobody would have found it.

And what was that disc? Lo and behold, it was an orange P-PD, the replacement of which I was now presently looking for in choppy grass. I was rather taken in by the coincidental nature of this. I mean what are the odds? Eventually, I did find my disc and finish the hole.

I told him to text me his name and address, and I'd send him a bubble mailer, which I sent off with some stamps for the return trip and a $3 reward the following Thursday. Today, I got the mailer back with my disc. Here's the original and its replacement, united again. After nine months underwater, the one on the left still looks good.


So to Andy Endorf from Waterloo, Iowa, a hearty and genuine thank you. The disc golf world could use more guys like you.

I might note that this is the third time I've had lost discs returned by mail, and the second time from out of state. This is why I put my name and phone number on them. Doesn't work all the time, or even half the time, but on occasion it does deliver results.

HeavyCritters 07-20-2013 04:42 PM


Awesome story. Awesome ending.

DiscinFiend 07-20-2013 04:50 PM

That's sweet, I'm glad you got your old PD back & found the replacement you were playing with. I agree 100%, always put your name & # on your discs.

BogeyNoMore 07-20-2013 05:43 PM

Thanks for sharing Scarp - glad it found it's way home!
Also I like the class way you made it easy for the Mr. Endorf. :clap:

Personally, I don't get not inking discs once you've decided to bag them (although that really can depend on the courses you decide throw them on - some courses have a much higher/lower risk of disc loss than others).

Once you consider a disc "in your bag," it's probably gonna get through on at least some gnarly holes. If you have a name & # on it, at least there's a reasonable chance of it coming back to you. Chances are someone will find sooner or later (or much later). With a number on it, the chances of you getting it back are based on the whether or not the finder is a bottom feeding scavenger or not... maybe a 20-25% chance??

Go numberless, and you pretty much giving up any shot of getting it back, unless a friend finds it... maybe a 1-2% chance? :rolleyes:

coupe 07-21-2013 10:10 PM

I have to say, in 30-some years of playing, I've NEVER had a lost disc returned to me, and I've never returned a lost disc, (but I HAVE returned plenty of FOUND discs, and had plenty of FOUND disc returned to me) so ...

nope, LOST discs never find their way home. :p:p:p

MikePinchico 07-21-2013 11:12 PM


DirtyMittenDG 07-21-2013 11:52 PM

cool story

_MTL_ 07-22-2013 11:36 AM

A long time ago I used to write on my disc the date I got it.

Had one returned to me this weekend - an Ontario Cobra with a 1998 tournament stamp - and a 5/16/2001 date on the back.

Someone found it a PIAS and got it and gave it to me. One of the crazier disc return stories I've had in a while.

The 2nd disc I lost for more than 10 years and have had returned.

TheArnoldPalmer 07-22-2013 11:57 AM

nice story!
I just lost my favorite disc yesterday playing the new Super White course at lemon lake on I think it was hole 15. Just kicked off a tree and went left into some bushes. had 6-8 people looking and it is gone :(

Hopefully a good soul finds it and gives me a ring for their reward.

scarpfish 07-22-2013 01:22 PM

Just got off the phone with a guy in the Kansas City area who found a disc I lost on vacation. Looks like another disc is coming home. I better start buying bubble mailers in bulk.

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