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turkey67 08-07-2013 11:40 PM

Turkey67's trade Thread
The Wants.

Anode (neutron)
Mace (GL/Opto)
Saint (Recycled/Opto)
Saint Pro (Opto/Moonshine)

The Haves, updated pics coming soon.


Lat 64
GL Saint, Orange 171g~ no ink 7.5/10
Opto Saint, Sparkle Maroon, ???g, no ink 7.5/10

West side
Tourney Warship, Sparkle Blue, 174ish, Wiped stamp inner rim ink 7/10
Tourney Warship, Pink, 174ish, no ink, 7.5/10

Neutron Axis, Black 174g, no ink 9/10
Proton Ion, Purple, 171g, Ink on flight plate. 7/10
Neutron Volt, Yellow, ~173g, No Ink, 8.5/10, (Gash on rim, otherwise still fairly new)

Champ Katana,, Factory Merican flag dyed, ???g, no ink 7/10
Champ Roc3, Pink, 166g, 10/10, Never been thrown
Blizzard Boss, Teal, 146g, Never been thrown
KC Pro Aviar, White, 169, 10/10, Never been thrown
Champ Wraith, Factory Ty Dye, 10/10, Never been thrown
DxWraith, Red, 10/10, Never been thrown
Star Rhino, Blue, 10/10, Never been thrown

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