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sgamerp 09-19-2013 06:19 AM

HOD 9/19/2013 New Quarter Park #9 Williamsburg, VA

long 327 short 235

Map and Scoreboard

chrishysell 09-19-2013 06:45 AM

I throw a forehand flex shot with a nuke or surge from the short. Same shot from the long with a lot less deuces.

Brall 09-19-2013 07:14 AM

Long Tee/Long Pin: ti nuke ss

Long Tee/Short Pin: champ leopard

BogeyNoMore 09-19-2013 07:49 AM

White Tee: Ibex
Blue Tee: Renegade

dusty5150 09-19-2013 07:55 AM

white - Fuse
blue - Renegade

clean up with Classic Judge.

goosefraba1 09-19-2013 07:57 AM

Pearly monster short FH

DX leo BH long

bradharris 09-19-2013 07:58 AM

I'll just stick with a Buzzz and play it safe. Maybe an XL if I'm feeling ambitious from the longs.

discgolfertub 09-19-2013 08:10 AM

X-XS from both tees to both pins

Wizards for the upshot & birdie :thmbup:

brian j 09-19-2013 08:22 AM

beat roc from short, patriot from long.

tbird888 09-19-2013 08:25 AM

White tees
Short: Pure
Long: P-PD

Blue Tees
Short: P-PD
Long: P-PD

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