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bfowler 10-04-2013 09:49 PM

How my dog taught me to throw a disc.
I've broken down and reworked my drive so many times it's crazy. But I'm getting better each time. It's one step back and two steps forward.

Lately I've been really working on my hip twist and throwing with a loose arm and was getting pretty good results. So, I'm in my home office watching disc golf videos and practicing my drive. I get hot and tired about 20 minutes (not to mention a carpet burn on my heel) so I get a fan from the bedroom.

I put it on the floor and lay down in front of it. I've got a small/medium sized mixed breed dog named Sherman. We think he's some type of Min Pin and Jack Russell mix. Probably some other stuff throw in there too. He was a rescue.

Anyway, he running around the office playing with his rope toy. He loves playing tug. He keeps coming up to me try to get me to play tug with him. I'm tired but I finally give in and start playing tug with him.

While playing tug I suddenly remember a Will Schusterick video where he recommends someone to hold on the disc while you go through your drive and you can really feel what muscles to pull with (triceps mostly). I get on my knees and pull the rope toy like I would a disc on a drive across my chest while Sherman is tugging the hell out of it.

Holy crap. Will was right. I can really feel what angle to pull on and it turns out it's a lower than I pull and also I get a much, much, much better feeling of power when I bend slightly over the disc.

I threw Sherman some treats and got up to try my newfound knowledge standing up with a disc in my hand.


How could I be playing for a year and a half and not realize that throwing like I have a rod up ass might not the the greatest body position for throwing a disc. I've been throwing way to upright and with my arm up too high. I've always had a problem with my forward momentum after my X step. I never felt like I was getting a good snapping hip/torso twist. Now, when I bend over the disc it feels like someone took the restraints off my hips.

When I saw bend, it's not really bending over so much as having bad posture and bending my knees a little more. I absolutely can't wait to throw tomorrow.

It's kind of scary how fast my arm is going. I literally can't do it keeping my hand open because it makes my fingers burn. It's like I'm whipping all the blood to the end of my finger tips or something. I have to remember to close my hand at the hit point.

crusadersounds 10-04-2013 10:48 PM

One more reason to get a dog. It's a man's best friend and a disc golfer's best asset. "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered."

Broken Shoulder 10-05-2013 10:21 AM

I tried a similar trick with my fiancée's workout bands because we have two cats and no dogs. The cats have no interest in disc golf, but my fiancée does now. :)

Let us know if you can replicate in practice. Then maybe you could rent your dog out for lessons.

bthoma1 10-05-2013 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by crusadersounds (Post 2193620)
One more reason to get a dog. It's a man's best friend and a disc golfer's best asset. "Help control the people population. Have your significant other spayed or neutered."


Alexplz 10-06-2013 05:35 PM

Great idea! I would recommend sacrificing one of your champ or equivalent plastic throwers for a dog toy. Head out to the field and play fetch! I have found this activity to be a great way to work on smooth form and tire out my dog.

DX works fine too but gets chewed up quick - plus my DX cobra drew blood from my dog and I saw another thread where someone reported the same issue. The difference in doggie wear rate really put the insane durability of champ plastic in perspective.

EDIT: DX cobra made her gums bleed a bit - not from a direct hit.

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