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BogeyNoMore 10-27-2013 10:48 AM

HOD 10/27/13: Englewood MetroPark DGC in Englewood, OH
Englewood MetroPark DGC in Englewood, OH
Course Rating: 3.68, 30 reviews
Hole 3, 306 ft
Course map shows a fairway curving right. Hole Info: plays flat, no tips.


Basket to Tee:

Course Map

BogeyNoMore 10-27-2013 10:52 AM

Beat Pro Boss, RHFH. If I'm lucky, I have a look at 2 with my APX, but prolly end up with a 3.

Captain Bad 10-27-2013 10:54 AM

One of my favorite local courses! Just a fun, short course with lots of birdie opportunities.

Anyway, I flick a Firebird around the corner which usually sets up a long putt for bird.

Halcón 10-27-2013 11:01 AM

This is one of those holes that I could pull a risky move for a two, or get the easy three.

I think I'd risk it and bust out an Amp roller. If I lay it down right it'll end up right under the basket.

mashnut 10-27-2013 11:07 AM

Backhand roller with a comet.

notapro 10-27-2013 11:11 AM

RHFH a firebird on a flex

tbird888 10-27-2013 11:22 AM

Patriot FH roller

Crazy Runner Guy 10-27-2013 11:29 AM

170 X Comet and a long jump putt (which I'll miss) and a drop-in for three.

Qikly 10-27-2013 11:36 AM

Can't tell how sharp the angle is; doesn't really look like I could hit the line with a RHBH anny. Tree branches block a thumber, and I ain't got no forehand. Probably Tangent x2, then putt.

jskew113 10-27-2013 11:37 AM

Escape FH. Should have a look at a putt.

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