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rj29274 11-05-2013 11:26 AM

Raffle suggestions???
I have discs, a Bullseye basket, more discs, a dg backpack, some more discs and a few gift cards to local bars/restaurants. Any other suggestions???

Ideally, I'd like my raffle to be worth over 1000, and it will. What is a fair price for tickets? The cheapest prize will exceed 20. I was thinking 5 per ticket, 5 for 20. Too costly? Suggestions???

Chanbearguy 11-05-2013 11:37 AM

That's a pretty damn good raffle right there I'd buy 10 for 40$ bucks for sure

dehaas 11-05-2013 11:42 AM

I do $5 per ticket or 3 for $10 each year and it goes over well. Past 2 years I've had 2 baskets, bags, and a bunch of other stuff. Sounds like you've got a good stash.

rj29274 11-05-2013 12:11 PM

I was gonna add a bottle of nice Whiskey, too. Any other ideas? Non-dg related stuff works

Basshunter 11-05-2013 12:21 PM

If you have a local craft brewery, ask if they'd donate a case of beer or some swag. My brewery does that stuff all the time. Craft beer and disc golf make good partners. :hfive:

Royal Hill 11-05-2013 12:36 PM


I've had this discussion a couple times over the last year or so, and as part of helping with an essentially am series, we haven't come up with solid answers to these ones.. But they are good questions (from a strategic perspective)

"when Do you have enough for a raffle table, and when does all the extra stuff not provide additional revenue return?"

The concept behind this is that there seems to be a point where "the table is full enough" and anything extra doesn't translate into additional ticket buying. ie. a diminishing returns scenerio.

The second question below is what the op wishes to know the magic answer to (as does anyone who runs a raffle)

"what dollar cost per ticket will maximize the amount of buy-in?"

In these conversations, I've usually broken it down to a couple components that should be realized about raffles.

First- is the raffle intended to draw event attendance (primary goal to increase interest in your event and look loaded on the flier)?
Or is the primary goal to create fundraising revenue?

Second- you have to view a raffle in the way that you would view a charity fundraising auction... But one that doesn't take credit cards at the end of the night. That means, all the potential buying cash on the day is already in the room - its just up to you to farm it well.

Unless you can influence how much cash is brought to the event. Which comes to PR and hype.

Is it better to kill yourself getting a load of extra stuff at the last minute, or better to spend that time to do a well thought out promotional effort to load the free cash brought?

I know... moree questions than answers, but things to think about.

KDFrosty 11-05-2013 01:08 PM

Give a single raffle ticket as part of the players pack to EVERY paid player. Encourages attendance.
$1 tickets, 25 tix for $20. People like to have huge stacks of these things, IME, rather than $5/ticket, even though technically the odds would be the same if you collected the same amount of cash.
"People want more", just like that AT&T commercial with little kids.

Royal Hill 11-05-2013 01:30 PM

I didn't want to tip my hand on my personal thoughts too much, but KD is spot on with two of his recommendations.

Dollar tickets are perfect. (I wouldn't discount for volume purchases at a dollar a piece, dollar per is cheap enough) He is right in that volume works.

Big buyers like holding long snakes of tickets (use the ticket rolls with the keep this ticket, tear off and deposit the match pair style. Choose red ticket color. You want these to be showy) half of the fun of being a "big roller" is showing off and hyping it up.

The second advice about giving each player one "included ticket" with event entry is also key. Now everyone is in and will be there to hear the draw... And to be there to look at the big rollers... Which is what the big rollers want.

Hype it up. Make it fun. Point out the big ticket buyers and work them against each other in a fun way. Make them want to outdo the others next time.

Royal Hill 11-05-2013 01:46 PM

Oh yeah, one more thing...

Have a great MC for a raffle. I really mean it. Having the right person running it is really critical.

It's one thing to be a great organized event director - There are lots of styles that can work. The promoter style, the cautious careful style, the analytical, the level headed conflict solver, the pragmatist.

However, there is that magic personality that can open up people's wallets like no other. I can't describe it, but you know it. It's the person that can make people say yes. Get that person.

And that right person will make the raffle not only a part of the event, but boatloads more successful and they will likely make it a feature and part of the event memory.

Best of luck!

sugarnot 11-05-2013 01:51 PM

Why are you doing it as a whole? I mean yeah it seems like a great idea to have it be one big package worth a whole ton of money but in reality I really don't think so. I mean you are gonna have all this build up for it to be won by one person then everyone goes home beat down because they didnt win anything? It seems like breaking it up to where more people win something will net you greater ticket sales and happier people. Just my 2 cents though.

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