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Originally Posted by roadtripstuff View Post
Yeah heaven forbid a company put together a pack for beginners. I love MVP, throw the ion and vector and just ordered the axis, but your homer attitude is starting to get a little annoying. If you think it's a great product fine, I'm mean it is, but why do you feel like you have to trash talk other companies to make your sponsor look good. If it wasn't for Innova and Discraft this sport wouldn't have grown as much as it has and your precious MVP wouldn't even be making discs.

You obviously aren't in retail, where Innova sells stuff they don't offer you directly through their factory store, DGV, etc, and directly competes with you. This is bad business in my opinion...Am I not allowed to have an opinion? I don't start threads (ok, I started one on DGR, but that's it) bashing other brands, but I do add little quips to my post because these are things that the general buying public are largely unaware of, but retailers have to deal with. I'm not making this stuff up to make anyone look good or bad, it's just the way it is. Not saying anything on my part would be suppressing something to make Innova look good, and I'm not going to do that.