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Originally Posted by Someth1ng View Post
Thanks discspeed this helps alot, hoping jubuttib gets his Axes soon will do a write up from the md2 side. So I am thinking MD2s will keep my molds down, but not positive yet.
Got them, they're seriously like the best seasoned orange FR P-MD2's I've thrown, except more glidey (and you can actually get Axes). They're just plain better than the current P-MD2's for finesse lines, and if they had the grip of R-Pro they'd be all around better than the orange oldies.

From the MD2 perspective then: Better glide than my C-Lines, not that much less fade (my C-MD2's are really straight), power down much better and are better on finesse throws, but the C-Lines power up better and are better in the wind. So no, not a threat to my C-MD2's or to my beat to understable D-MD2's. As a straight finesse disc they're better than the current P-MD2's in pretty much everything except grip.

The glide is pretty great but I wasn't as wowed as I was when I first threw the Comet. If the lighter runs manage to hang on to stability and get more glide though...
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