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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
how much of a difference are you finding in glide between the axis and C-line? mine was typically going about 5-10ft farther when i was trying to do the exact same throw in the 250ft range.
On all out rips it's honestly not that big of a difference. Anything less than that the Axis has the edge.
Originally Posted by New013 View Post
i did a fair amount of testing yesterday and will do some more today on the course then post what i found but i agree with your assessment that the axis powers down better but for me the CMD2 was actually flying straighter and more consistent 300' and up. especially when i'm doing 330' straight shots about 20-30ft off the ground.

my cmd2 comes out and has just a slight touch of high speed turn then flies crazy straight and hardly fades at all at the end, it's just about a dead straight shot the entire way. the axis however when thrown flat comes out with a bit more high speed turn then flies straight but fades right at the end. to get the axis to not fade right i had to add some hyzer and i was either getting straight flights with fade or gradual s curve flights.
If I air both out my MD2 definitely fades a bit more than the Axis. Though 30' is pretty darn high, almost 4 football goals tall (that would be 32'), I haven't tried a line that high yet.

The C-MD2 is definitely better for me when ripping all out, but that's not what I got the Axis for. I got the Axis to fill my straight finesse slot and it does that like a champ.
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