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Default 27 disc SUPER SALE FR Star Archon, Champ Shark, Cryztal Buzzz, Pro Ryhno, Glo Discs!!


*Prices are shipped*
*Trades-Anything in sig 167-175, Lat 64 Diamond*
I'm looking to clean house and don't need these 27 discs. I've been throwing strictly Ryhnos, Cros, Leopards, Eagles, and Wraiths. Everything else I've accumulated has been deemed surplus to requirements! My goal here is to sell all of them, even if its means reducing the price to silly figures. Obviously I'd like to sell multiples and will greatly reduce the price to do so. Lets move this
Link to individual pics------>
Putters, Mids, and Fairway:


169g 7/10 R-Pro Dart $5
169g 10/10 Pro Rhyno (Neon yellow w/ purple and silver foil stamp) $17
169g 10/10 Pro Rhyno (Neon yellow w/ purple and silver foil stamp) $17

Putter deal: both rhynos for $30 (a steal!)

176g 10/10 San Marino Dx Roc (Orange w/ tourny stamp) $9
172g 10/10 Dx Roc (Orange w/ tourny stamp) $8

171g 8/10 Star Gator 8/10 (Orange w/ silver stamp) $10
170g-172g 8/10 Ace Race Hornet (Neon orange w/ green stamp) $10
173g-178g 9.5/10 Cryztal Buzzz (Dayglow yellow w/ tourny stamp) $14
179.4g 10/10 Champion Shark (Pearly sky blue w/ gold stamp) $23
Mids Deal #1: Both rocs for $14
Mids Deal #2: Gator and Hornet for $18
Mids Lot Deal: $36 for remaining three mids ($8 savings)

Fairway Drivers:
170g Champ Leopard 9/10 condition 8/10 appearance $10
169g Glo Leopard 9/10 condition 8.5/10 appearance $12

175gGlo Leopard10/10 $13
175g Glo Gazelle 8/10 $12

169g CFR Champ TL 10/10 (Pearly blue and gummy) $14
172g Glo Stalker 8/10 $11
Leopard deal: 2 for $18
Glo deal: 2 for $19
Fairway Lot Deal: $28 for remaining three ($5 savings)

170g Dx Beast 7/10 $Free w/ any two disc purchase
169g Champ Beast X-Out 10/10 $9
175g Pro Valkyrie 8/10 $Free w/ any three disc purchase
175g Dx Valkyrie 7/10 $Free w/ any two disc purchase

175g Champ Sidewinder 5/10 $Free w/ any purchase
172g Champ Roadrunner 8/10 $Free w/ any three disc purchase

168g Dx Orc 6.5/10 $Free w/ any two disc purchase
174g Dx Firebird 8/10 $Free w/ any two disc purchase
170g FR Star Archon 10/10 (Lime Green w/ silver stamp) $19
175g Star Archon 9.5/10 (Blue w/ tourny stamp field thrown once) $13
172g Star Xcaliber 8/10 (Orange Millenium prototype disc) $12
168g ESP Avenger 8/10 $10
Driver lot deal: $40 for everything remaining

I will do deals on multiples, don't be bashful! I've went ahead and provided example or preferred lot deals, but feel free to mix and match and we'll strike a deal

Lot Deals:
-Everything left for $65

-Dx Beast, Champ Beast, and Dx Orc for $12

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