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Even down here in FL the temps have been getting cooler and the air much less humid. My medium Ion I've been putting with is feeling a bit too stiff and slick now to feel right to me for putting...It's dropping faster as well and I've been rattling the cage way too much. I've just played through this in the past and my putting has suffered in the winter for it. So I decided to try some of my newer soft Ions in place of my mediums. After spending a little time in my backyard putting some different softs I found that I really liked the way they were flying for me in general, and I especially liked my 171g eclipse soft. The newer softs definitely have stiffer overmolds than the older, and this makes them better for my putting style. It gives them more integrity on my release and also seems to reduce the amount of spin they need compared to the older softs. The eclipse seem to be flatter than the standard stamp, so those feel even better to me, as well as flying more neutral. I went to the store and grabbed 2 more 171g eclipse Ions to practice with and decided to give them a run as my main putter for a bit.

It was a little strange the first round...I made some long putts, but I also had some high misses from around 30', and missed low on a few real short ones. Since then they've been feeling and putting better and better for me. They are also insane drivers...They are very neutral when thrown hard and hold any angle with supreme glide, and they hold up pretty decently in the wind...They are easily 20-30' longer than my heavy mediums, and do shorter ranges with less armspeed as well. Now I've swapped most my heavy mediums for lighter softs. I'm carrying a 167 FR, 172 early soft, 2x171 eclipse soft, and a 175 newer medium.
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