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Default News' New Bag

New Bag.. New Thread. I'm going to upgrade pretty soon to a bigger bag, I like carrying a smaller bag but I'm tired of choosing between certain discs for rounds; then getting out there and wishing I had another disc. Not sure what bag I'll buy just yet but looking for one that carries at least

Stats: 27 Male, 6'2. RHBH predominately, working in more FH.

Disc / Weight / Max D on course - Description (Discs in red are out of the bag)

Champ Wraith /172/420 - beat in, I've got a lot of control with the Wraith so it just keeps hanging in there. there aren't many courses I play that I need anything faster than speed 9 so it rarely gets thrown.

Champ Archon /168/430 - don't use it much but i love to throw it, use it mainly for hyzer flips that go really straight or long turnover shots.

Star Firebird /174/360 - it's really flat and very OS. use it mostly as a FH and thumber disc but have been incorporating a healthy dose of long range rollers in to its repetoire.

Champ Banshee /172/350 - Beat in, utility disc. use it mainly for spike hyzers, tommys, FH shots, getting out of trouble.

CE Eagle - Straight shooter with low fade, use it for low & long control shots

CAL Champ TL /175/370 - Very Stable with good fade, fights wind like a champ because it's so flat. taking the place of my Eagle which I sadly cracked.

Champ TL /167/380 - Newish, straight with reliable fade

Champ TL /172/380 - beat in more like a Star TL, main control driver

Opto River /171/400 - overlaps with my array of TLs but the one thing it has they don't is crazy glide. so generally when i want more D than the TLs can give me i go with this disc.

SE TL /170/340 - Beat in to understable, use it for controlled turnover shots

C-MD2 /176/340 - Really beat in, It was my go to driving mid but i've beaten it to the point where it doesn't do the thing I want it to do anymore, it's more in the range of my mako so I'll have to make a decision between the two. I'll probably buy another because I love how it used to fly.

Axis /180/340 - Still newish, using it mainly for slight annys/hyzers or through tight gaps, long approaches. It's been taking the place of my CMD2 for drives in that range.

Star Mako /180/340 - Newish, it's an X-out and it's super gummy and pliable feels like Pro plastic almost, started out a bit more understable than most Makos I've had. I love this disc, when i'm in doubt i grab the Mako. use it mostly for shorter drives, most annys and some approaches.

R-Pro Pig /175/300 - Beat in but still very stable with good fade, use it for short drives where i need good fade, rollers, short flex shots.

Pro Pig /171/310 - Beat in to the point where it's not a Pig anymore, used to use it off the tee but it's gotten unreliable, still use it on FH approaches some upshots where I've got room to fade it in. I'm much more comfortable with this disc than my Ions still so it's staying for now. I still use it for putting and approaching in the elements as well because the Ions don't like being wet.

M Ion /166/310 - beaten in to very straight, short straight drives, main approach disc now, use it for long putts

Eclipse S Ion /171/ - really starting to love this disc, using it more and more off the tee where i would of gone Pig, short straight on approaches, and currently using it for putts outside of 30' because it's a bit less stable than my main S Ion.

S Ion /173 - main putter, only use it for putting, really starting to putt well with it and happy i made the switch

That's what would be in my new big bag if I had the big bag today. I'm considering doing some more moving and shaking, possibly adding a Max D disc that's a bit faster. Here's what I'm considering...

P-PD - bought one today, I've been wanting something a bit longer than my fairways and more stable than my current fairway lineup. Will it overlap with my Firebird or CAL mold TL?

Pline Hurricane - Got it from the disc pass and I can really chuck it, don't know much about it but it may be the Max D disc I go with for now. any other suggestions? I've tried Destroyers, Nukes, Havocs, Boss and Ape. I like my pro destroyer but it's just to inconsistent, you have to throw it just right to get the results you want.

More Stable mid - can't really decide if I want to go back with the Warrior which I had good times with or get a new CMD2 and go back with what I know works with my current game. any other suggestions are helpful, i don't do small diameter mids though.

Other than that I plan on soon replacing both Pigs in my bag with a new 175 Pro Pig, it really depends on how fast I get comfortable using the Ion for upshots and how fast the R-Pro breaks in to the point where its not useful.

I know the Firebird and Banshee kinda overlap but I use them in completely different situations so it's not really been a problem. I do wonder if the P-PD will overlap at all?

I'm also considering switching out the SE TL with something more built for that shot. Never really had any discs other than the Roadrunner that fit that slot and I didn't really like the RR. My pro leopard is about the same disc as the SE TL but a bit shorter and a bit less stable.

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