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Originally Posted by jeverett View Post
Water is the only OB, correct? And the disc hit the side of the wall, rather than the top? Well, in that case, in my opinion, as the OB line (the edge of the water) is a infinite vertical line extending from the outer edge of those walls, your drive never went inbounds. It struck the side of the wall, preventing it from ever getting past the OB line. That would definitely make any stance on the putting area (even on the walls) illegal. I could certainly see a TD making (different) specific rules about that course and those walls, though.
I agree with this analysis. Doesn't look from the photos and story that you were ever legally in bounds. Also, if you are the wall and any part of your foot is hanging over the edge forward or back then it is OB and you have an illegal stance. So unless you have superb balance and really small feet it is unlikely you could take a legal stance on a wall that thin
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