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Originally Posted by smarkquart View Post
That is the funny thing about ace races, with so many people showing up to throw the same disc, you are going to see a variety of bad ways of throwing it, and then a small handful who can perfectly dial it in after just a few throws. This is true of any disc they throw out there, so I would never blame the disc.

I hit two aces with it last year, sadly one was during practice and the other during our after Ace Race fun round. It was fun to throw, but it could not find a way into my bag. I do know several people who still use it though.
The biggest problem was that about 100% of the 90% that couldn't throw it had insane OAT. =)

They literally couldn't get it to not flip on a 100' throw, and looked at me like I'd just summoned up a world eating demon from thin air when I threw it on a 280' laser beam without any hyzer. Missed the basket by about 2.5' on that one... =)
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