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Originally Posted by tampabay View Post
Just out of curiosity, what were your distances at before discing down? Also, how long have you been throwing cyclones mids and putters (ie, how long have you been disced down)?
I've been discsed down way to long...

2 years ago my bag looked like this

Putters - 200'

Mids 240-260
Z Comet
Really beat in KC Roc

Drivers 290 (310 at the very best)
Tl, Wraith, Katana, Boss, Sidewinder, Banshee, Max, Teerex and maybe another driver.

Quickly after discing down it looked like this for a long while

Putter 270
Putter of the week. I dropped the Summit and Ridge and tried KC Aviars, Wizards, Warlock, Ringer, and finally Challengers. Challengers are solid.

Mids 300-310
Comet Roc Combo

This summer my distance has changed. And the bag is changing. I have killer snap, my arm speed is getting better, and I am getting nose down with decent height.

But discing down helps like you wouldn't believe. It is disheartening at some points to know you can throw your putters and mids as far as a driver until you start to get that nose down.

I purposefully took my time in going slow.
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