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Originally Posted by stan_84 View Post
im sure this has been asked but some terms are confusing me stable is one when a disc is more stable than another does that mean its more overstable or closer to stable on the range i e is a buzz more stable than a hornet also when people say flippy does that mean it anhyzers over or hyzers over right away. Also a flex shot is done with an overstable disc like a wraith, put on an anhyzer then flat then hyzer correct? another one for ya, can you hyzer flip an overstable disc like a wraith?
"Stable" is a term of discontent. lol. It helps more to discuss a disc in terms of both portions of flight stability - high speed and low speed. Personally, I'll use both "stable" and "neutral" for discs that have zero to minimal turn and minimal fade. Overstable tends to be used for discs that have a very heavy fade and are very resistant to turning in the high speed portion of flight. For your Buzz/Hornet example, I'd just reword it to "a buzz is closer to neutral than a hornet". It's less confusing that way. Since people are all over the board in the way they apply these words, you usually just have to take their words in context to figure out what they mean.

Flippy means that it's an understable (or very understable) disc that will turn over easily...although some people call discs flippy when they have poor form and the disc flips from that instead. Yes on the flex shot, but it can be done with discs of different stabilities depending on the power, spin, and height you give the disc...but yeah, usually done with overstable discs.

A Wraith is not an overstable disc unless someone is really underpowering it, causing it to fly more stable than the ratings. When thrown at true speed 11 power, it will turn a bit.

With a true overstable disc design it'll be hard to hyzer flip them until they get really beat in, or unless you add a lot of oat/wind/Hulk muscle. Depends on the particular disc, but generally people don't/can't hyzer flip truly overstable discs (Pig, Viper, Whippet, Teebird, Firebird, etc).
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