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Originally Posted by livedoen4 View Post
I'm a relatively new player but I play as much DG as I can. I enjoy PDGA play, local club play and playing with my buddies who just want to take a hike and make a disc fly. Sportsmanship and trying to get more people involved in the sport is very important so recreational and local club play should be focused on fun. PDGA play should also be enjoyable but not at the expense of the PDGA rules of play.

I was recently at an A-tier playing in the MA-2 (Int) division. It was unbelievable how many falling putts I saw, throwing discs across the fairway to other players or back to a bag, stance violations, drinking and smoking...just gross disregard for many of the fundamental rules of play.

I started off in the Rec division because that was the "learning division" but after playing one or two events I soon realized ALL PDGA divisions are competitive and its the players responsibility to know the rules.

I want to start making more calls or drawing more attention to the rules during tournament play. I do not mind being thought of as a Nazi but I do want to practice sportsmanship while making the calls. There are many common scenarios where a call is needed. How would you initiate a call?

1. A falling putt.
2. Stance violation (lined up improperly)
3. Smoking pot or drinking alcohol.
4. Tossing a disc in anger or unknowingly throwing it back to the bag or another player.
5. Cursing or kicking a bag.

I'm sure many more will come to mind.

This is an outstanding question.
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