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Sparky here.... The above posts have been somewhat correct... I have been dealing with what my dr's have referred to pancreatic cancer in early stages.... I have confirmed pancreatitis with several tumors in my abdomen... I had a heat stroke and mild heart attack while pouring the pads on 11 of these holes... My shop being closed is directly related to my health and the fact that I have been working on finishing the course.... I am sorry to those that have been wanting in the shop and I hope you understand.... As to the comment from GT Chris... I can only assume that you were one of the 2 golfers from Georgia Tech that stopped to play after the Texas tournament... I understand you walking off the course as there were no maps yet and only 11 holes were in.... The front 9 is a little more open, but this is designed to be a tight course.... This is not an old ball golf course that was taken over and it is not a wide open park either.... This is an extremely tight and technical course that doesn't always benefit the play that wants to step up with a boss, destroyer or nuke and grip it and rip it.... This is also a brand new course and will be continued to be groomed... I'm sorry you thought the course was unsafe... I also have not heard a single negative comment about the course except this one... And I have enough haters here that would gladly tell me if they thought it wasn't up to par, but the funny thing is they keep coming back to play it... I can only hope you come back and play it when it's 100% finished... But as far as a lawsuit waiting to happen? It's posted to play at your own risk and that you are entering a disc golf course so watch out for flying discs... Can't think of any disc golfers being sued over hitting someone with a disc... Not saying it hasn't happened, but I have never heard of it.... Don't think Will sued the cat that split his head open earlier this year...

To all my supporters... Thank you for your patience and I hope to be well enough to get back into the shop soon... We will continue to work on Little River improving those tight lines that everyone loves... So excited to be bringing hole #7 to you guys ASAP.... Oklahoma city's own island shot.... Way overdue folks.... Thanks again and keep flinging those discs...
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