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Default First round of tourneys - mental game issues

A little background, was a "chucker" since way back in the mid 80s, quit in 92 played again some in the 98-02 range and then again in 04-05. Started back up in January this year to help rehab my achilles as it was ruptured Easter of 2011.

Decided I had a lot of flaws thanks to this site, the discraft videos and watching how erratic some of my throws were. I went back to the basics, throwing in a field, working on snap with the pec drill, eliminated my run-up and quit throwing discs I had neither the technique or the arm to throw. Scores started coming down and distance started improving. I now max out with a river/sidewinder/diamond at around the 380-400 mark. The guys I play with now tell me they have seen some good improvements which brings me to my issue.

I have been playing tournaments in this area since the ice bowls this year, including our monthly flights at our local club and 4 PDGAs this year. It seems as though I keep putting up HUGE numbers on my first round which means I am scrambling on the second round (and third or fourth). My first round scores on my last two PDGA tourneys were a ~770 and an ~830 round. Subsequent rounds at each tourney was for the ~770 a ~960 and after the ~830 I threw a ~920. I have had similar results in my local club's monthly tournaments. I am seeing some success here and there on casual rounds but can't wrap my head around why I am screwing up so bad on first rounds of tournaments. Any thoughts or tips? With this question, I do not think I am a 920-960 player but I am also not a 770-830 player. I am not expecting a miracle, just want to have better first rounds.
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