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Originally Posted by douglowe View Post
I'm going to use this dye for my first dye job, and want to asks few questions.
1. I'm using a large pan and 96oz of water so 3 packs of dye, correct?
2. I'm dyeing a Crystal Z Buzzz SS. Do I need to add acetone to the dye?
3. Any suggestions for uniformly dyeing an entire disc?
4. Lastly, can I just boil water in the stove then add it to the dye in the pan?

Thank you in advance for any help.
I use 1 pack to 32 oz so that should work. why such a big batch. I use 32 and keep it for a long while.

no acetone to the dye it should be fine with just water and heat.

if dyeing whole disc. let the disc float on top of the dye for a bit, then once the dye cools submerge the disc entirely.

I use hot water and add the dye in right away while heating the pan up. I get the dye to a light boil for about 15 minutes. Then let it be cool enough that you can touch the pan without burning your hands.

hope this helps
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