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Originally Posted by FredVegasDGC View Post
What I mean by a little aggressive is not by being closer to the players. I was using a 300mm lens and was about halfway down the hole. The aggressive description was referring to my lens & head poking out from behind a large tree and if you threw an anny shot it could go over my head. But as soon as the disc leaves the players hand and I get a few frames I duck behind the tree in case the disc comes at me.

I very well may have been in the wrong. But there is a simple remedy for me being in the way.

At the players meeting the head PDGA guy made a specific announcement that night partly because I brought the issue up about getting in the players way. THere are about 12 photographers covering the events this week and one is deaf. He specifically announced that if any photographer is in their way to motion for the photographer to move.

And several players did just that so far this week. I'm going for the best spot I can.

If you step on the tee pad and throw when you were warned before hand by a member of your group and shank a bad shot then that's on the player.

All he had to was motion at me and I drop back in to the woods. I would have just waited for him to throw or maybe skipped all the players for later.

I have been told by more than a few that Kenny is sometimes a complainer.
Got it. Have fun the rest of the week, and look forward to looking at your photos.
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