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If it's not open for public play, you might be hard pressed to get people to volunteer time or equipment. Does the base not have equipment that can be used, even if only by you and any civy volunteers? Something else that might be worth pursuing is trying to get a club going, possibly with public access to the course. Things changed a lot after 9/11, I know, but we have two Army posts here that both have provisions to allow some public usage for various activities on post (mountain bike races and other recreation at one, archery shoots and limited hunting on the other). If the interest is there (on and/or off base) then surely you can revive your course and maybe get something going.

Personally, I'm pretty generous with my volunteer time and tools, but in this situation I don't think I'd be donating the use of any tools or equipment that would be affected by extra use - not when there is government equipment/money available, and the project in question is on their property and/or not available to anyone else. I'd be more apt to volunteer time if there were some personal or public benefit, but if that isn't there I might still help anyway. I've grown up and lived around various military bases for my whole life, so I know how it works. The ones that keep to themselves and limit community involvement/participation can just stay that way as far as I'm concerned. The ones that are willing/able to do more with the community are more worthy of support, imho. There are limitations, of course, but the base commanders usually have a fair amount of discretion that they can work with.
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