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I was pretty shocked to get a package from MVP today...Contents included a 171g Neutron Anode and a 175 pale yellow Neutron Anode.

These discs feel incredible...Similar to the N Ions, but I'm really biased now towards the beadless Anodes. I took them down to the park to throw (where I had to keep my discs away from an Alligator nest with a momma gator on guard). Upon my first few throws I was overcome with OCD thoughts like "I'm completely switching to N Anodes, I don't want to throw anything else". I haven't had an attack quite like this in a while, but the damn things flew that well. I had a S and normal proton Anode for comparison as well as my N Ions. The N Anodes were clearly faster and longer than my others with the same effort. They were also very true in terms of stability. The yellow had a touch of high speed turn before locking online and holding to the ground. The LSS is almost non-existent...To get any fade I had to start the shot with hyzer, even then it flew very straight with a hyzer lean. The pink one seemed to have slightly more LSS, but this may have been because it liked to fly a little higher giving it more chance to fade. The discs cut the wind better than the protons as well. Compared to the N Ions, which are about as fast as my P Anodes, the N Anodes are faster and drop slower at the end of the flight.

These look, feel, and fly I have more older MVP discs to gather dust because these are in the bag.