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Originally Posted by Plankeye View Post
Yesterday after playing a round with Mr America and one other friend, we decided to play another 9 holes from the shorter set of tees. i decided that it would be a good opportunity to learn how the opto pure flies from the tee.

1) when released properly, i can get 275ish feet on a straight line.
2) it flew better for me when the disc was about 7 or 8 feet in the air rather than chest height.
3) when i tried to force it to fly a certain way, i had horrible results
4) headwinds are this disc's kryptonite.
5) hated putting with it
During a field test I found my opto pure was very stable and didnt like to be told to go anny. My EZE on the other hand is a great approach disc. I also felt like the EZE had a ton more glide and anhyzers well.
I hated putting with my opto also.
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