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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
No news but with how quick the anode followed the Ion I doubt it'll take too long. I'm pumped for Neutron Axis quite a bit.

I'm hoping the Volt and neuteon mids come out by winter. Bright pink opaque discs are great for the snow. Depending on how the Volt is stability wise I also wanna give an all MVP bag a shot just for fun. Volt is gonnahave to be damned good to replace my OLFs though. Nothing I throw has been in my bag even half as long as OLFs...literally.
Ditto on the all MVP bag. I am hoping to be able to do that in my first tournament, but that of course depends on the Volt release date. Would be really cool to throw an all Neutron MVP bag. Definately looking forward to comparing the Neutron Anode and mids with the Proton versions. Might miss my normal drivers but if the Volt is out I'm going to use it for the tourney and take my lumps just for the heck of it.