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I want to avoid making a post that sounds like I am tooting my own horn. I don't take myself too seriously nor do I think that I am a great course designer. I simply think I have been a willing worker who had the opportunity to design. SO, with that all said, my full time paying job description is a "Designer". It is like being an electrical engineer without a 4 year degree. My work requires that I am able to look at a multitude of options of how to deliver electricity to large commercial/industrial sites and then to come up with the one that is most cost effective for my company and also appealing to our customers. Probably the best thing that this created for me as a course designer, (whether a person likes my courses or not), is that I have learned not to go for my 1st or 2nd or 3rd thoughts right off the bat. I have to create a number of options from which to choose. Like a glass of good wine, I swirl my options around and savor the odor for quite some time before I take a taste. The final decision comes later. (My design mentor, Harold Duval, has also taught me to never be fully satisfied with my designs and I frequently have tweaked them after the initial installation. So there is not always a "final" design.)

I really like playing a lot more than building.

I shot 6 under at Sugaw yesterday.

I got rained on at Bradford today while walking with Schleppy and looking at how to stretch out the course some so that MJ can't shoot 17 under again. : )
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