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Originally Posted by McJesus View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if it took that long and i have no problem if it takes that long for real legitimate consistency. The only question I have is if they got the volt approved by PDGA, and are now "tweaking" it. Wouldn't they need to resubmit the tweaked volt for review and approval?
The mold used to make the PDGA approved prototype disc is the same mold that will be used for production. The "tweaking" you speak of has to do with the molding process. Prototype runs are very small, so they don't always represent how the discs will be coming out under full production conditions. If the parting line height goes up or down a mm it can make the disc more over or understable than desired. MVP has a lot of little tricks they can do after the disc comes out of the mold to get the proper dome and PLH consistently. So those are the kind of tweaks we're talking about. To need re-approval I believe the mold/pieces need to have been changed. In the case of the Volt things are further complicated by the fact that is was prototyped on the old machine and will be produced on a new machine.